WWDC Sold Out, AT&T Rules 3G, and the Atomic iPhone Psych-Out

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WWDC Sold Out, AT&T Rules 3G, and the Atomic iPhone Psych-Out


Sizzold Izzout: The Worldwide Developers Conference (June 9-13 in San Francisco) is officially sold out for the first time. (Ever.) But if you snoozed, you don't necessarily have to lose: Apple will make session videos available at the iTunes Store later on. See you at the keynote!


Intel Fake-Out: Yesterday you may have heard some Internet jive about Intel Germany CEO Hannes Schwaderer supposedly confirming a larger, tablet-esque iPhone featuring the Intel Atom chip. Naturally, this was seen as quite exciting. But now, not so much: Intel has since officially denied knowledge of future Apple products and said Schwaderer was speaking generally. Here's the original ZDNet.de piece (translated), and here's Intel's denial. Interestingly, the original now links to another account of the same event. Also feeding the iPhone rumor machine was the O2 Europe chief, who almost tipped his hand by mentioning that the company and Apple would make a joint statement in the coming weeks. As the iPhone turns...


What Does It Mean? This Intel Atom thing has legs, even if they aren't attached to a giant new iPhone. Mac News World wonders if the Intel Atom could show up in a supersized version of the iPod touch, aimed at media, gaming, Internet surfing, and other tablet-friendly applications, but without phone service. And Hardmac points out that the Intel Atom processor could lead to very low-cost desktop PCs, which might hurt the market for the Mac mini. Then Apple could either Atom-ize the mini (depleting its profit margins), or perhaps replace it with a beefed-up Apple TV.


More Phone Stuff: Computerworld tested 3G networks from AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. AT&T's service came out on top, and should only improve in 2009. RIM is reportedly adding the ability to sync iTunes music to new BlackBerry models. (Maybe this 3G BlackBerry Bold?)


And finally: An Apple patent filing hints at short-range wireless networks serving up localized content to visitors via their iPhone or iPod touch—think restaurant menus, guide information at tourist hotspots, transportation hub info, and so on. The Apple Store opens on (and beautifies) Boylston Street in Boston. Those wily cats at ZDNet have a long piece about running Leopard on a standard PC. And it's true, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will get the funk off your white MacBook's palmrest. (You know how funky those MacBooks can get. Funk and jive.)



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I will start to care how good AT&Ts 3G service is when it is available in more than a handful of cities. Ubiquity is more important than quality at this point. Spread your coverage across the country (all wireless carriers) and then we can start to worry about which one works the best.

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