Yahoo Declines Microsoft Offer, One Step iPhone Jailbreak and Android First Look

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Yahoo Declines Microsoft Offer, One Step iPhone Jailbreak and Android First Look


Thanks, but no thanks: Yahoo formally rejected Microsoft's unsolicited $44.6 billion bid this morning. Claiming the bid undervalued the company, this news wasn't too much of a surprise considering Yahoo CEO, Jerry Yang's alleged dislike of Microsoft.


Jailbreak in one easy step: Still haven't Jailbroken your iPhone? Developer Zibri has posted a one step "true" jailbreak that the iPhone Dev team was trying to keep under wraps until after the SDK was released. Unfortunately, some users are having difficulty with the Jailbreak, proceed with caution.


Google's Android: Curious about Android? Check out a video of the new phone operating system here. If that isn't enough, download the online SDK here.


iPhone price cut looming?: The rumor mill is abuzz with news that Apple intends to drop the price of the iPhone and iPod touch by $100 in mid-April. Some suggest that the price by coincide with the rumored Apple event on February 26th.


AT&T and Starbucks Wi-Fi: AT&T DSL and U-verse customers will now get free Wi-Fi access at Starbucks. Breaking with their long-time Wi-Fi partner, T-Mobile, the AT&T switch was expected as Starbucks rolls out the Apple Wi-Fi iTunes store in their locations.


iPhone busting O2 bandwidth: The iPhone is generating "unheard of" data usage in the UK. Giving customers a phone with a real browser and unlimited data will do that.


Super-fast Safari: Safari 3.1 is allegedly 2.5 times faster than its predecessor. The optimized webkit will allow you to browse lolcats fasters than ever before.


Pippin v2?: Hey, remember Pippen? Apple and Bandai decided to make a gaming platform that sold, well it didn't really sell at all. Only a few thousand units were ever sold. Well, Apple has applied for patents for "handheld games unit." We're guessing that they're just covering their bases. Just in case, we're crossing our fingers for Hello Kitty Adventure Island as the initial game offering.




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Michael Dunlop

Holy cow! if the iPod touch dropped by a hundred I would definitely buy one! or maybe even an iPhone!

the google handheld system looks pretty cool! (and very iPhone-ish) what is with people totally copying apple? the address book icon (as well as a bunch of others) look exactly the same as apple's! i guess i cant blame them. Why WOULDN'T you copy Apple?

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