Yahoo/Microsoft Merger is Dead, AT&T iPhone Wi-Fi Halted and Free Nine Inch Nails Album

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Yahoo/Microsoft Merger is Dead, AT&T iPhone Wi-Fi Halted and Free Nine Inch Nails Album


Micro-hoo talks stop: Microsoft withdrew its bid for Yahoo over the weekend bringing an end to weeks of proxy speculation, poison pill measures, undervalued shares and angry open letters. Yahoo's stock had risen 50% since talk of the merger. Let's see how that plays out.


AT&T shuts down free Wi-Fi: Easy come, easy go. AT&T has apparently shutdown free iPhone Wi-Fi at its hotspots after, possibly, accidently turning it on prematurely last week. Guess we'll just have to wait for a official announcement.


Apple loses money on movie deal: Every time you purchase a film from the iTunes store, Apple loses $1.01. We're totally putting Apple in the poor house when we watch our iTunes films on our Macs, iPods, iPhones and Apple TVs.


MacBook bump: The rumor mill thinks we might get new MacBooks tomorrow.


Flash flashback: Once upon a time there was a company called FutureWave Software. AppleInsider begins its three-part history of Flash and what to expect from the future. It's like "Behind the Music" for software.


iPhone SDK goes international: Developers, in lands beyond our own, are reporting inclusion into the Apple iPhone Developer Program. So far, word is trickling in from European developers. Will this mean our favorite Laplander reindeer management tool will make it to the iPhone? We hope so.


Nine Inch Nails loves you: Radiohead recently gave its fans the option to pay whatever they wanted for their "In Rainbows" album. Not to be outdone, Trent Reznor has decided to release the latest Nine Inch Nails album, The Slip, for free. That's right, free. Available in a variety of file formats, The Slip is licensed under a creative commons attribution non-commercial share alike license. Enjoy!



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NIN already released an album, Ghosts I - IV which gave you the option of downloading the first 9 tracks for free. And before that, Trent produced Saul Williams's latest album, which was available for free.

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