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Yahtzee is another childhood favorite being reintroduced to today’s gadget-laden iPod generation. We grew up huddling together on cold winter floors, rolling dice for the chance at five-of-a-kind. (This was before iPods and global warming, mind you.) Now iPod owners can experience the same thrill on a bus (or in class) without a dice-ready surface.


Players roll certain combinations to win points, filling out a scorecard with slots for four-of-a-kind, straights, and others. A few simple clicks set aside any of the previously rolled dice for two re-rolls, improving subsequent odds. We had fun with these original rules, but Rainbow Rules add a little more variety, featuring three colors of dice and additional, color-related scoring combinations. And another mode rolls the exact same dice for each player; the final winner emerges with the best strategy. Gamers face the iPod AI or pass it to a friend for two-player matches. But we’re disappointed that more players can’t join in.


The bottom line. The iPod game adds a few twists to real-world Yahtzee, but it’s basically the same statistical fun.



CONTACT: www.ea.com

PRICE: $4.99

REQUIREMENTS: iPod Nano (3rd generation), iPod Classic, or iPod Video (5th generation)

Easy to control. Clear graphics and presentation. Can play with two people on one iPod. Same-dice mode and multicolor-dice game add variety to original style.

Weak limit of two people per game. Limited statistic tracking comes off as a tease.





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I was disappointed because I'd would have liked to played online with other users. The game was very easy to learn, easy to use, moved along quickly but I lost interest quickly and became bored.



"The latest iPod titles affirm the music player’s gaming muscle."

What? Gaming muscle? Sure, there are some cool games, but the interface SUKKS for gaming.

What the FUKK are you smoking?

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