Mac|Life - News en The Week's 10 Hottest Apple News Stories, April 25 <!--paging_filter--> Gallery News Apple Watch drop test environment games iphone iPod Maps user guide Sat, 25 Apr 2015 17:00:00 +0000 MacLife Staff 21555 at Apple Daily: Apple Watch Essentially Waterproof, Contains Unused Blood Oxygen Monitor <!--paging_filter--><p>At last, after years of speculation that Apple was designing a smartwatch of its own, the device is at last here and on our wrists. And now that we can get a better look at the device, details previously undisclosed by Apple are starting to emerge. In today's Apple Daily, for instance, we learn that the Apple Watch is effectively waterproof, and that the highly anticipated wearable has an unactivated device installed for measuring your blood oxygen.</p><h3>Apple Watch Subjected to Extreme Water Tests, Comes Out Unscathed</h3><p>While most new Apple Watch owners were busy loading their devices with new apps this morning, the folks over at Australia's FoneFox were busy dunking it in buckets of water and taking showers with it. And good thing, too. Thanks to their efforts, we know that all that talk about the Apple Watch being merely "water resistant" rather than waterproof was largely legal-safe downplaying of the device's true potential.</p><p>FoneFox conducted the experiments with a 38mm Apple Watch Sport, which easily survived the first tests that include light splashing and a five-minute simulated showers with both soap and water. Seemingly miraculously, the device emerged with "absolutely no issues whatsoever."</p><p><iframe src="" width="620" height="349" frameborder="0"></iframe></p><p>Naturally, that meant it was time to up the ante on the punishment meted out on the new wearable by leaving it submerged in a bucket of water for five minutes. Yep, it came out fine. After that, the team at FoneFox took a swim with the device on for 15 minutes, after which the swimmer emerged to find it worked as well as it had when they'd first handled it this morning. The only complication was some poor responsiveness on the part of the touchscreen when the device was underwater. All things considered, the device passed the tests perfectly.</p><p>It's worth noting that, despite the official claims of the device being merely "water resistant," Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed that he'd worn the Apple Watch in a shower as early as February without adverse effects.</p><h3>Apple Watch Contains Inactive Blood Oxygen Monitor</h3><p>The Apple Watch's surprising degree of "water resistance" isn't the only aspect of the Apple Watch that Apple's being humble about. As discovered by <a href="" target="_blank">iFixit</a> in its teardown, the device also has a sensor that's capable of measuring your blood oxygen, but Apple currently has it deactivated. So far, the Apple Watch only uses it to monitor your heart rate.</p><p>“Apple’s heart rate monitor is actually a plethysmograph — it looks and acts like a pulse oximeter,” iFixit says in its <a href="" target="_blank">video</a>.</p><p><img src="/files/u334114/2015/04/sensor.jpg" width="620" height="465" /></p><p>It's not exactly a groundbreaking feature; after all, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and other smartphones from the Korean company already have a similar monitor installed. Much like Samsung's, Apple's sensor calculating the amount of oxygen in your blood by determining how much infrared light it absorbs.</p><p>Current speculation about why the monitor is switched off runs the gamut from concerns about the sensors being too inaccurate (as per a <em><a href="" target="_blank">Wall Street Journal</a></em> report from February) to Apple's possible wariness about drawing too much attention from the FDA. Considering the way the device's capabilities might have been scaled back from the <a href="" target="_blank">initial rumors</a>, it's almost certainly the latter.</p><p><em>Follow this article's writer, <a href="" target="_blank">Leif Johnson</a>, on Twitter.</em></p> News Apple Watch blood oxygen Health ifixit Waterproof Fri, 24 Apr 2015 23:50:57 +0000 Leif Johnson 21554 at Apple Daily: Apple Watch App Store, User Guides Go Live; iPod Refresh This Fall? <!--paging_filter--><p>Raise your hand if you're excited about Apple Watch! Okay, the couple of you in the back who didn't raise your hands, stick around, because this edition of Apple Daily has some non-Watch news as well. But if you're not excited, you probably should be, because new Apple product-category launches don't happen too often! Let's dispense with the tomfoolery and jump right in.</p><h3>Apple Watch User Guide, App Store Now Available</h3><p>Prospective <a href="" target="_blank">Apple Watch</a> buyers have had months to pore over every excruciating bit of minutiae about the smartwatch, but should there remain any nagging questions about the device on the eve of preorders arriving in the hands of customers Friday, there's now a user guide with all the answers.</p><p><img src="/files/u332541/2015/04/userguide620.png" alt="Apple Watch User Guide" width="620" height="363" /></p><p>On Thursday, Apple published the official <a href="" target="_blank">Apple Watch User Guide</a> on its website, which breaks down into 22 categories covering every aspect of the wearable device one might expect. With sections entitled Get Started, Basics, Watch Faces, Notifications, Glances, Timekeeping, Messages, Digital Touch, Mail, Phone Calls, and Calendars and Reminders, among others, the manual should give anxious watch buyers plenty to study in the hours that remain before the devices are delivered tomorrow.<br /><br />Apple has also hung the open sign outside the Apple Watch App Store, a specialized version of the existing iOS App Store focused on Watch-compatible titles that actually lives inside the Apple Watch app introduced with iOS 8.2. <a href="" target="_blank">As previewed by Buzzfeed earlier today</a>, the store's virtual shelves are stocked with more than 3,000 apps, including all the usual suspects like Twitter, Instapaper, and The New York Times being singled out for special attention.</p><p><img src="/files/u220903/apple_watch_app_store_620px.jpg" alt="Apple Watch App Store" width="620" height="300" /><br /><br />Apple Watch owners will also be able to use the existing App Store on their iPhone or from a Mac or Windows PC, with compatible product listings now showing watch screenshots below the usual iPhone screenshots, and a special "Offers Apple Watch App for iPhone" indicator under the title, making it easier for apps that feature support for the device to stand out from those that do not.<br /><br />Initial Apple Watch preorders are expected to begin arriving on Friday, but apparently the device will not actually be available to purchase for customers walking into an Apple retail store — a departure from the usual long lines and circus atmosphere that has greeted every new iPhone and iPad released since 2007.</p><h3>Report: iPod Could Live to Fight Another Day</h3><p><a href="" target="_blank">AppleInsider today reported</a> that Apple hasn't quite forgotten about the iPod, the media player that helped pave the way for Cupertino to become more than just a computer manufacturer. According to an unidentified source, the product line will apparently see at least one more refresh later this year, with an emphasis on the iPod touch in particular, which may or may not retain the current four-inch form factor.</p><p><img src="/files/u220903/ipod_touch_rainbow_fanned_620px.jpg" alt="iPod touch" width="620" height="300" /><br /><br />The iPod lineup has remained the same since late 2012, but the report specifically cites the processor, storage capacity, and camera as specific areas Apple may address in an effort to boost interest in its once-mighty media player.<br /><br /><em>Follow this article’s author, <a href="" target="_blank">J.R. Bookwalter on Twitter</a></em></p> News App Store apple daily Apple Retail Stores apple rumors Apple Watch Apps iPod touch preorders product launch user guide iPhone iPod Fri, 24 Apr 2015 00:03:30 +0000 J.R. Bookwalter 21550 at Apple Daily: Earlier Apple Watches Shipments; Drowned Apple Products <!--paging_filter--><p>In today's Apple Daily, some Apple Watches that were sold after the April 10 morning sellout are reportedly going out much sooner than expected. In other news, you can apparently replace your Apple Watch's band without replacing the entire watch, and a jilted lover from Japan dumps her ex-boyfriend's entire Apple collection in the tub.</p><h3>Some Apple Watch Orders Shipping Much Sooner Than Expected</h3><p>The <a href="" target="_blank">Apple Watch</a>'s quick sellout might have been great news for Apple, but it must have been crushing for enthusiastic early (but not early enough) adopters who discovered that they'd have to wait at <em>least</em> four to six weeks for the device instead of picking it up on release day. Today, however, Apple confirmed to <a href="" target="_blank">BuzzFeed</a>'s John Paczkowski that many post-sellout buyers would, in fact, get their devices much sooner. Indeed, as of this morning, customers all over the Internet with listed shipping times of four to six weeks saw that their orders were now "Preparing for Shipment" just a few days ahead of the device's official launch.</p><p><img src="/files/u334114/2015/04/apple1.jpg" width="620" height="349" /></p><p>"We’re happy to be updating many customers today with the news that their Apple Watch will arrive sooner than expected," said an Apple spokeswoman to BuzzFeed news. "Our team is working to fill orders as quickly as possible based on the available supply and the order in which they were received. We know many customers are still facing long lead times and we appreciate their patience."</p><p>That means that while meany customers may get their Apple Watches sooner than they were expecting, they might still have to wait a few days after the initial orders start arriving on April 24. Preorders for the device began on April 10, but it <a href="" target="_blank">sold out </a>in less than six hours after it became available at 12:01 a.m.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><h3>Apple Allowing Customers to Replace Bands without Full Returns</h3><p>A recently discovered "internal employee training document" from Apple (via <a href="" target="_blank">MacRumors</a>) indicates that you won't have to return your entire Apple Watch if you're merely disappointed with the band's size, color, or style. Instead, you can replace the band itself (although this doesn't apply to the super-pricey Apple Watch Edition). The move is apparently focused on both convenience and swiftness, as merely replacing the band will keep customers from having to set-up and sync and entirely new watch.</p><p><img src="/files/u334114/2015/04/bands.jpg" width="620" height="233" /></p><p>Some rules apply, naturally. The band replacement service is only available within the 14-day return period, and the watch needs to have been purchased on Apple's Online Store, the Apple Store App, or an official Apple Watch kiosk. (Warranty considerations mean that you can't swap them out like this if you bought your watch at one of the high-end retailers around the world carrying the Apple Watch, such as the Dover Street Market in London.)</p><p>In addition, the new band must "must be within the same collection as the watch and must be an available band option for that watch face." And if you're doing a little bit of third-party dealing, you can't use the service if you're "using band swaps as a way to configure a sellable product for a customer."</p><p>The document also states that you'll have to include your watch band if you want a full return for your Apple Watch within the 14-day return period, and you won't be able to get a refund at all if you only purchased the bands (and not the Apple Watch itself).</p><p>&nbsp;</p><h3>Jilted Lover Drowns Ex's Apple Products in Bathtub</h3><p>As a closer, here are <a href="" target="_blank">two photos</a> from a supposedly jilted ex-girlfriend from Japan who knows how to hit an Apple lover where it hurts. Twitter user <a href="" target="_blank">@foolishnessfly2</a> found out that her former boyfriend had cheated on her, and so she dumped his entire Apple collection into a bathtub that was completely filled with water.</p><p><img src="/files/u334114/2015/04/tub.png" width="620" height="374" /></p><p>There's at least several thousand dollars' worth of damage in the photo, as the tub appears to include two iPhones, two MacBooks, and an iPad at the very least. In another photo, she dunked an entire iMac into the soapy water. Since waterproofing devices currently isn't one of Apple's strong points, it's probably safe to say that trying to save the devices is a lost cause. Still, could be a good time to try the rice trick.</p><p>As of the time of writing, the photos had been retweeted more than 17,000 times.</p><p><em>Follow this article's writer, <a href="" target="_blank">Leif Johnson</a>, on Twitter.</em></p> News Apple Watch bands bathtub foolishlyfly2 iPad iphone Mac shipping times Twitter Wed, 22 Apr 2015 23:43:03 +0000 Leif Johnson 21544 at Apple Daily: Latest on Apple Watch and MacBook at Retail; Maps Update Coming? <!--paging_filter--><p>With all eyes on Friday's launch of the Apple Watch, it's not surprising that much of this edition of the Apple Daily is focused squarely on Cupertino's first wearable. We've got updates on new product availability, developers being offered a chance to buy a Watch this week, and potentially good news for Maps fans looking forward to the return of public transit directions.</p><h3>Retail Boss Updates Employees on Watch, MacBook Launches</h3><p>French website Mac4Ever (via&nbsp;<a href=";sl=&amp;tl=en&amp;" target="_blank">Google Translate</a>) today shared a video intended for Apple employees around the world in which senior vice president of retail and online stores Angela Ahrendts updates her staff on what's going on with product launches for the Apple Watch and the slim new MacBook, both of which have frustrated early adopters with limited availability.</p><p><img src="/files/u220903/angela_ahrendts_retail_video_620px.png" alt="Angela Ahrendts video" width="620" height="300" /></p><p>In a nearly five-minute video shot near Apple's Cupertino headquarters, Ahrendts praises retail staffers for the way they've handled in-store Apple Watch demos, which require prospective customers to order online and potentially wait weeks or months to actually receive one.<br /><br />"It was not an easy decision, and I think it's really important to remind every single customer that this is not just a new product for us, this is an entirely new category. And the first time we've ever previewed a product two weeks before availability," Ahrendts explained. "The great news is from anyone who did preorder, they'll start getting their orders this Friday."<br /><br />Ahrendts promises to provide retail employees with weekly reports on supply constraints, pledging a return to the days of huge crowds outside Apple Stores for future product launches. The executive also confirmed "overwhelming" response for the new MacBook, with many retail outlets still missing demo units, let alone actual inventory to sell.</p><h3>Select Developers Offered Watch Sport with Expedited Delivery</h3><p>Although iOS developers have been working on WatchKit updates for weeks now, few have been able to properly test those apps on an actual Apple Watch. On Tuesday, some were offered the incentive to do so, courtesy of a "special opportunity" emailed to select developers offering the chance to purchase one (and only one) Apple Watch Sport with 42mm Silver Aluminum Case and Blue Sport Band with guaranteed shipping by April 28.</p><p><img src="/files/u220903/apple_watch_developer_offer_620px.png" alt="Apple Watch Sport developer email" width="620" height="300" /></p><p>According to a screenshot of the email obtained by <a href="" target="_blank">MacRumors</a> from <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter user Kevin Chen</a>, quantities are limited and developers must register before 10AM PST Thursday to take advantage of the offer. The real question is, where are they getting these extra Apple Watches when preorders have been sold out since minutes after they kicked off on April 10...?</p><h3>Apple Job Opening Confirms Public Transit Plans for Maps App</h3><p><a href="" target="_blank">AppleInsider today reported</a>&nbsp;that public transit directions appear to be on their way back to iOS and OS X after a nearly three-year absence. The confirmation comes by way of an&nbsp;<a href=";ss=Maps%20Software%20Engineer-%20Routing&amp;t=1&amp;so=&amp;lo=0*USA&amp;pN=0&amp;openJobId=39705773" target="_blank">official job posting</a>&nbsp;in search of a software engineer for the built-in Maps app with the Routing division, and more specifically requests "in-depth knowledge about public transit, both as a consumer of those services and the technical aspects." With WWDC 2015 fast approaching, it's entirely possible Apple could announce the return of public transit directions with the forthcoming iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 updates expected later this year.</p><p><img src="/files/u220903/apple_maps_public_transit_620px.png" alt="Apple Maps public transit directions" width="620" height="300" /></p><p><br /><em>Follow this article’s author, <a href="" target="_blank">J.R. Bookwalter on Twitter</a><br /><br />(Images courtesy of Mac4Ever and Kevin Chen)</em></p> News Angela Ahrendts apple daily Apple Maps Apple Retail Stores Apple Watch apple watch sport deliveries Developers public transit iPhone Mac Tue, 21 Apr 2015 23:00:00 +0000 J.R. Bookwalter 21540 at Apple Daily: iPhone Survives 40-Story Fall; Apple Touts Environmental Efforts <!--paging_filter--><p>In today's Apple Daily, Apple releases a report detailing how much it's done to live up to its stated commitment to the environment and renewable energy. In other news, a photographer from Dubai had the misfortune of watching is iPhone plummet 40 stories down, and the camera was rolling the whole time.</p><h3>iPhone Survives 40-Story Fall</h3><p>Just how tough are the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? Photographer Catalin Marin found out in Dubai last week when he accidentally <a href="" target="_blank">dropped his iPhone</a>&nbsp;from 40 stories up. Marin's phone survived with only a slight dent. And even better, the camera was going the whole way down.</p><p><img src="/files/u332541/2015/04/40drop.png" width="620" height="370" /></p><p>"I had a bit of a mishap this morning," Marin later said on Instagram. "Shooting from the 40th floor, my phone decided to go for a ride into the wind. Forty floors down, not a scratch in sight."</p><p>The video kicks off with a shot of the skyscrapers of Dubai rising through the morning fog, but a fraction of a second later, the phone takes a dive, flipping and spinning over and over until it at last hits bottom.</p><p><iframe src="" width="620" height="465" frameborder="0"></iframe></p><p>The screen didn't have a single scratch in it, and as Marin recounted in a <a href="" target="_blank">followup photo</a> after his video caught the eyes of Buzzfeed, the body as a whole survived without only a small "ding." Marin mentioned that he was using a case in the post, but he didn't say which. Chances are the lucky case maker can't wait to use Marin's story for publicity.</p><h3>Apple Releases Environmental Responsibility Report</h3><p>Apple today released its&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Environmental Responsibility Report</a>&nbsp;for 2015, in which the company highlights its efforts to "leave the world better than we found it." Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of environmental initiatives, said in the report that 100 percent of Apple's U.S. operations and 87 percent of its oveseas operations already run on renewable energy, but that the company wants to boost it all to 100 percent. The renewable sources involved include "solar, wind, micro-hydro, biogas fuel cells, and geothermal sources."</p><p><iframe src="" width="620" height="349" frameborder="0"></iframe></p><p>The report also drew attention to Apple's considerable recycling efforts, which has helped keep 508 million pounds of garbage out of landfills since 2008. The company also has recycling programs in place in 99 percent of the countries it operates in, allowing the company to recover 40,396 metric tons of aluminum, plastics, glass, along with other metals and materials just in the last year alone. Apple has extended its commitment to recycling even over to "Spaceship Campus," 95 percent of which is built out of recycled building materials.</p><p>In the report, Apple also pointed out more recent initiatives, such as efforts to build two solar plants in China with the help of The Conservation Fund and the SunPower Corporation, as well as its recent purchase of 36,000 acres of forest in order to have a sustainable point of origin for its paper products (such as packaging).</p><p><em>Follow this article's writer, <a href="" target="_blank">Leif Johnson</a>, on Twitter.</em></p> News Environmental Responsibility Report environmentalism iphone iphone 6 iPhone 6 Plus Mon, 20 Apr 2015 23:10:44 +0000 Leif Johnson 21536 at The Week's 10 Hottest Apple News Stories, April 18 <!--paging_filter--> Gallery News acquisitions Apple Watch charity Columns recovery disk star wars Tim Cook WWDC Sat, 18 Apr 2015 17:30:00 +0000 MacLife Staff 21531 at Apple Daily: iOS vs. Android Stabbing; Apple Pay in Canada; Apple Watch Workshops <!--paging_filter--><p>In today's Apple Daily, two Oklahomans stab each other while arguing about whether iOS or Android is better. In other news, Apple Pay might finally be coming to Canada in November, and Apple will start offering free "Apple Watch Basics" workshops at select Apple Stores on April 24.</p><h3>Roommates Stab Each Other While Arguing About iOS vs. Android</h3><p>Many people have a strong opinion as to whether iPhone or Android smartphones are better, but few push it quite to the limit like two roommates in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who reportedly stabbed each other several times with broken beer bottles while arguing over whether the iPhone or "the new Samsung smartphone" reigns supreme. At the time, they were also stumbling around drunkenly in an apartment complex parking lot at 1 a.m. in the morning.</p><p><img src="/files/u334114/2015/04/tulsa.png" width="620" height="318" /></p><p>In addition to the stabbings, apparently one of the two men also "smashed a bottle over the back of the other man's head." As local station <a href="" target="_blank">KTUL</a> reports (via BGR), it's currently not clear who should be charged or, indeed, whether they should charge the two at all.</p><p>Adding to the absurdity, KTUL's report claims that the police "did not respond when our photographer asked which phone is better."</p><p>&nbsp;</p><h3>Apple Pay May Come to Canada in November</h3><p>After a long wait, Canada might be the first country outside of the United States to support Apple Pay. According to "people familiar with the matter" who spoke with <a href="" target="_blank">The Wall Street Journal</a>, our friends north of the border might finally get to use the service beginning in November.</p><p>There are, of course, some hurdles to overcome. The sources claim that Apple is currently in talks with Royal Bank of Canada, TD Canada Trust, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, CIBC and National Bank of Canada, which together account for more than 90 percent of Canadian bank accounts. All of the banks seem interested in the service, the sources claim, but they're a little wary of "Apple’s fee proposals" and they're "concerned about security vulnerabilities like the ones that U.S. banks experienced as they rolled out the service."</p><p><img src="/files/u334114/2015/04/applepay.png" width="620" height="300" /></p><p>The six banks involved have reportedly enlisted the services of consultancy firm McKinsey &amp; Co. in order to help create a security protocol. There's also talk of requiring users to enter a PIN number with each purchase or, more in line with the spirit of the service, registering and confirming cards with Apple Pay via a one-time text message.</p><p>Canada seems well-prepared to accept the service, though; in fact, because of the widespread availability of "Chip and PIN" payment there (in which users simply tap their credit cards against a receiver in order to pay), it's arguably better prepared than the United States.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><h3>'Apple Watch Basics' Workshops Coming to Apple Stores</h3><p>Just in time for the official launch of the <a href="" target="_blank">Apple Watch</a> on April 24, you'll be able to attend workshops at your local Apple Store on how to get the optimal experience out of the device. If you're one of the lucky ones who can walk in and get an Apple Watch on release day, there's a good chance you can also walk over to the presentation area and attend "Apple Watch Basics." Just to be on the safe side, though, it's best to make a reservation.</p><p><img src="/files/u334114/2015/04/applewatch.png" width="620" height="317" /></p><p>You can check to see if your store offers the workshop by <a href="" target="_blank">searching</a> for your local store on Apple's website. It's also an extended opportunity to see if the device is something you'd like to wear, as it likely goes into much greater depth than what you'd find during the typical 15-minute presentation with an Apple Store employee.</p><p>According to the mouseover text on Apple's reservation form, the workshop will place a special emphasis on "Ggances, gestures, watch faces, and more." Some of the larger Apple Stores are also offering a "Stay in Touch with Apple Watch" workshop as well, which shows you "how to respond to messages and mail, share your location, take a call, and even send your heartbeat to someone you care about."</p><p><em>Follow this article's writer, <a href="" target="_blank">Leif Johnson</a>, on Twitter.</em></p> News android Apple Pay Apple Store Apple Watch Canada crime iOS 8 Oklahoma Samsung stabbing Tulsa Sat, 18 Apr 2015 00:32:59 +0000 Leif Johnson 21530 at Apple Daily: Apple Watch meets Star Wars; TIME Honors Tim Cook <!--paging_filter--><p>In today's Apple Daily, the Apple Watch was with director J.J. Abrams as much as the Force when he took the stage at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California. In other news, Apple CEO Tim Cook was named as one of TIME's "most influential people."</p><h3>J.J. Abrams Spotted Wearing Apple Watch at Star Wars Event</h3><p>J.J. Abrams is already a hot topic today on account of his <a href="" target="_blank">newly released trailer</a> for his upcoming <em>Star Wars</em> film, but he's also drawing attention thanks to the Apple Watch spotted on his wrist at <a href=";v=4UY64GfyovE" target="_blank">The Force Awakens Panel </a>at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what he's wearing, but it looks like he's wearing a 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch with a dark blue band that isn't available to the public.</p><p><img src="/files/u334114/2015/04/abrams.png" /></p><p>Apple products made other appearances in the hour-long set, such as when Abrams took a panoramic shot of the crowd in attendance, and when <em>Star Wars: The Force Awakens</em> producer Kathy Kennedy mentioned that she took a shot of the desert around Abu Dhabi with her iPhone (see 53:21).</p><p><iframe src="" width="620" height="349" frameborder="0"></iframe></p><p><strong>Panel begins at 37:47.</strong></p><p>Abrams joins the growing list of a number of <a href="" target="_blank">other celebrities</a> who've been spotted with Apple's highly anticipated wearable device lately, such as designer Karl Lagerfeld, singer Sam Smith, Katy Perry, Drake, and <em>The Voice</em>'s Pharrell Williams.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><h3>Tim Cook Named One of TIME's '100 Most Influential People'</h3><p>Apple CEO Tim Cook may not have won TIME's <a href="" target="_blank">Person of the Year</a> Award, but he did earn the fourth listing in the magazine's list of "The 100 Most Influential People," which identifies worthies from the realms of technology, politics, music, and more. Congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis wrote Cook's <a href="" target="_blank">short entry</a>, which calls attention to Cook's achievements in business and his increasing drive to use Apple as (in his own words) "a force for good."</p><p><img src="/files/u334114/2015/04/timcook.jpg" width="620" height="348" /></p><p>"It could not have been easy for Tim Cook to step into the immense shadow cast by the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs,” writes Lewis. "But with grace and courage and an unabashed willingness to be his own man, Tim has pushed Apple to unimaginable profitability — and greater social responsibility."</p><p>Cook, says Lewis, "has shown that profitability and integrity can go hand in hand. Tim has done this while introducing, time and again, some of the most innovative products the world has ever seen. Tim Cook is proof that even the most successful companies can and should be judged by more than just their bottom line."</p><p><em>Follow this article's writer, <a href="" target="_blank">Leif Johnson</a>, on Twitter.</em></p> News 100 Most Influential People Apple Watch J.J. Abrams Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tim Cook Time Thu, 16 Apr 2015 23:54:14 +0000 Leif Johnson 21526 at Apple Daily: Charity Lunch with Tim Cook Auctioned; Celebrities with Apple Watches <!--paging_filter--><p>In today's Apple Daily, Tim Cook is auctioning off another lunch date. In other news, Apple is apparently giving out Apple Watches to high-profile celebrities.</p><h3>Tim Cook Puts Another Lunch Date Up for Charity Auction</h3><p>In what has become something of an annual tradition, Apple CEO Tim Cook has put up an auction for a lunch with him over at <a href="" target="_blank">CharityBuzz</a>, thus allowing the highest bidder to chitchat with him over lunch in Cupertino for around an hour. This year's auction allows two people to come, and it also includes VIP invitations to an Apple keynote event so the winner and a friend&nbsp;can witness the unveiling of new products in person. The auction itself will end on May 6, 2015, at which time Cook and the winner will decide on a date for the lunch. As before, the winner will have to pay for travel to Cupertino on their own.</p><p><img src="/files/u334114/2015/04/cookauction.png" width="620" height="392" /></p><p>The auction is listed as being worth $100,000, but the<a href="" target="_blank"> first auction </a>in 2013 reached an impressive $610,000 while<a href="" target="_blank"> last year's </a>reached $330,001. As of the time of writing, the highest bid is for $80,000.</p><p>As in both previous instances, the auction money will go to the <a href="" target="_blank">Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights</a>, which claims to achieve a "just and peaceful world by partnering with human rights leaders, teaching social justice, and advancing corporate responsibility."</p><p>&nbsp;</p><h3>Apple Gives Celebrities Apple Watches</h3><p>The gold Apple Watch Edition is commonly thought of as a toy for the extremely rich, and Apple is certainly getting the ball rolling in that regard by giving out units to select well-known individuals. Earlier today, for instance, famed fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld <a href="" target="_blank">was photographed</a> wearing a Apple Watch Edition by his bodyguard and assistant Sebastian Jondeau. What's more, Jondeau said the device's gold Link Bracelet band is one of a kind and that Apple "specially made" it for Lagerfeld.</p><p><img src="/files/u334114/2015/04/lagerfeld.jpg" width="620" height="363" /></p><p>As <a href="" target="_blank">MacRumors</a> notes, the gold that's used for the Modern Buckle band for the Apple Watch Edition boosts the device's price from $10,000 to $17,000, and so a solid gold link band such as the one shown here could cost as much as $25,000 if sold at retail. The regular version of the Link Watch is Apple's most expensive band for the non-Edition versions, and it merely costs $449.</p><p>Grammy-winning singer Sam Smith also received an Apple Watch from Apple and <a href="" target="_blank">posted a photo</a> of it to Instagram, but Smith's is a tad humbler despite the fact that it was apparently hand-delivered by Apple design chief Jony Ive himself. It's hard to tell from the light if it's steel or gold, but the device has a rather simple green Sport band.</p><p>"I’m actually the happiest boy in the world right now,” Smith said on Instagram, right before he revealed that he's still having trouble remembering the device's proper name. “Just met Sir Jonathan Ive and he is the sweetest man in the world. He’s given me the new Iwatch!! It’s SO SICK!! Feels like Christmas."</p><p>Lagerfeld and Smith are but two of the celebrities that have been seeing the watch ahead of its official April 24 release date; to date, Katy Perry, Drake, and <em>The Voice</em>'s Pharrell Williams have been seen wearing one as well.</p><p><em>Follow this article's writer, <a href="" target="_blank">Leif Johnson</a>, on Twitter.</em></p> News Apple Watch Apple Watch Edition Chanel charitybuzz Gold Karl Lagerfeld lunch RFK Center Sam Smith Tim Cook Wed, 15 Apr 2015 23:47:12 +0000 Leif Johnson 21523 at