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Video: Time Lapse-Video

In the August issue of Mac|Life Magazine, I explain how to shoot a sequence of still photos to create a high-definition time-lapse animation for a video. In this video, I combined hundreds of photos from a Whistler ski trip into a demonstration of the technique. I stuck mostly with the basics for this sequence, usually leaving the camera alone while letting a timer take photos every few seconds. However, in the chair-lift shot, I subtly zoomed out as I took pictures. And since the shot with clouds flying over the mountain wasn't as dynamic as I'd hoped, I took advantage of the high- resolution files by blowing up and panning across the view in Final Cut Pro. These shots could establish the pace of a longer video or act as an interlude between scenes captured with a video camera. But however you end up using the footage, try to capture extra clips. It takes patience to set up creative time-lapse scenes, but any extra effort in the field makes a difference in editing.  Check out the video after the jump.

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Video: Flip Video Mino

Tiny video recorder for the YouTube generation

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  University of South Florida Students, Rodrigo Guiterrez and Jeff Craig, created a native iPhone app to control iRobot's Packbot over Wi-Fi.Check out the video after the jump.  

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He really knows the way to a woman's heart.

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Video: Mini Mic

Blue Snowflake mic for portable recording.

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Video: Charging in the Sun

The Solio solar charger for tunes on the go.

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Video is a Leopard/Mac feature tour.

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Oh God, My Ears

Internal Windows Vista video makes us want to cry.