Mac|Life - All Articles en British Hospital Switches to iDevices for Patient Monitoring, Claims Lower Mortality Rate <!--paging_filter--><p>Over in the United Kingdom, the word is that iPads and iPods are saving lives. Not through the power of their magic Apple logo, of course — as doctors and nurses Middlesbrough’s James Cook University Hospital claim (via the <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Gazette Live</em></a>), the Cupertino company's easily portable units allow the hospital to sideline the hassle of paper notes and focus on the information that demands immediate attention.</p><p>Using the iPod touch, for instance, medical personnel can monitor their patients' health through the help of specialized apps that produce immediate reports on a person's vitals and deliver alerts if something seems awry. The staff at the hospital also use networked iPads to check on each patient.</p><p><img src="/files/u334114/2014/07/cook.jpg" width="620" height="412" /></p><p><strong>Via <a href="" target="_blank">Gazette Live</a></strong></p><p>"The key benefits of the system is the more rapid identification of deteriorating patients which in pilot sites has led to a reduction in hospital and critical care length of stay and a reduction in mortality — all of which are a huge benefit to both patients and clinicians," said Tricia Hart, the head of South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.</p><p>Even more remarkable, the hospital is reporting such success just a few weeks after the program launched on June 23. The South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust obtained £1 million ($1.69m) for the project in March, and the use of Apple's devices at James Cook marks only the first step in a much wider adoption of the project throughout Britain.</p><p><em>Follow this article's writer, <a href="" target="_blank">Leif Johnson</a>, on Twitter.</em></p> News healthcare hospitals iOS 7 iPad iPod medical Mon, 28 Jul 2014 23:00:41 +0000 Leif Johnson 20384 at Hilton iOS App Will Double As Room Key Starting in 2015 <!--paging_filter--><p>Hotels often make a big deal about how much their premises make you feel "at home," but according to the <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Wall Street Journal</em></a>, Hilton's upcoming app will let you walk straight up to your room after your arrival like you own the place. No more of that nasty socializing with the folks behind the counter business; you'll be able to bypass human interaction altogether.</p><p><img src="/files/u334114/2014/07/hilton.jpg" width="620" height="398" /></p><p>We've covered this kind of stuff before, but it's always been for comparatively small regional chains or tests before wider rollouts. (<a href="" target="_blank">Back in January</a>, for instance, Starwood Hotels and Resorts implemented a similar program for two of its Aloft hotels in Manhattan and in Apple's own Cupertino.) Hilton's adoption of the feature marks one of the first steps to making the practice common at internationally recognizable hotel chains.</p><p>Hilton, in fact, is already halfway there. The <a href=";ign-mpt=uo%3D4" target="_blank">current app</a> for the influential hotel chain lets you check in through the app, but you still need to run up to the front desk if want your keys. That'll change in the future, though — specifically, sometime next year. By 2016, according to the <em>WSJ</em>, you'll be able to use your iPhone has your hotel key at all of the company's locations worldwide.</p><p>Pity, then, that they'll probably still charge you an arm and a leg for Wi-Fi.</p><p><em>Follow this article's writer, <a href="" target="_blank">Leif Johnson</a>, on Twitter.</em></p> News Apps Hilton hotels iOS 7 iphone room keys Mon, 28 Jul 2014 22:47:21 +0000 Leif Johnson 20383 at New App Recap: July 28, 2014 <!--paging_filter--> Gallery AppLife Apps Bitcoin Fantastical finance Gliph Good.Co iOS iPad iPhone iPod Kinomatic messaging PackPoint pixels PlaceUs productivity travel UpWord Notes video Mon, 28 Jul 2014 22:08:31 +0000 J.R. Bookwalter 20382 at Easy Mac Hacks: Disable App Nap <!--paging_filter--><p><em><img src="/files/u12635/easy_mac_hacks_icon_flat_11.png" width="200" height="200" class="graphic-right" />Every Monday we show you how to do something quick and cool using built-in OS X utilities such as Terminal, Apple’s command line application. These easy hacks can make life better and simpler, and don’t require any knowledge of coding — all you need is a keyboard to type 'em out!<br /></em><br />In OS X Mavericks, Apple introduced a new feature called App Nap. This feature was designed to cut CPU and other computer resources to power-hungry applications when those applications are not currently in use. It's one of several OS X features that has helped increase the battery life on Mac portables, but unfortunately, this feature isn't without downsides. If you're noticing that applications don't complete their tasks in a reasonable amount of time, then it could be due to resources for those apps being cut when they are backgrounded or left unattended. Following this guide will show you how to disable App Nap when these issues arise.<br /></p><h3>Disable App Nap on a Per-app basis</h3><p><a class="thickbox" href="/files/u12635/appnap_1.png"><img src="/files/u12635/appnap_1.png" width="379" height="650" class="thickbox" /></a></p><p>If you're noticing that only one application is having difficulties with App Nap, then you can easily disable it by locating the application in question and pressing Command + I (or choose "Get Info" from the contextual menu). In the Get Info window, check the option to "Prevent App Nap" and you're done. App Nap will no longer affect this application. (Not all applications offer this option.)<br /></p><h3>Disable App Nap system-wide</h3><p><a class="thickbox" href="/files/u12635/appnap_2.png"><img src="/files/u12635/appnap_2.png" width="620" height="435" class="thickbox" /></a></p><p>If issues still persist with your applications and App Nap, or you don't worry about system resources being utilized resulting in battery life issues (such as on a desktop Mac), then you may want to disable App Nap system wide on your Mac.<br /><br />To disable App Nap on your Mac completely, simply open the Terminal application (located in /Applications/Utilities) and type in the following command followed by the enter key:</p><pre>defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES</pre><p>To completely disable this feature, you will need to log out of your account, then restart your Mac.<br /></p><h3>Re-enabling App Nap system-wide</h3><p>If you realize that you want App Nap again on your system, open the Terminal application again, then type in the following command, followed by the enter key:</p><pre>defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAppSleepDisabled -bool NO</pre><p>To re-enable this feature, you will need to log out of your account, then restart your Mac.<br /><br /><em>Cory Bohon is a freelance technology writer, indie Mac and iOS developer, and amateur photographer. <a href="" target="_blank">Follow this article's author on Twitter</a>.</em></p> App Nap Columns disable Easy Mac Hack Easy Mac Hacks How to Mac Mac remove system-wide Terminal Terminal 101 How-Tos Mon, 28 Jul 2014 18:29:05 +0000 Cory Bohon 20269 at Deals: Turn your PDFs into Interactive Flipbooks <!--paging_filter--><p><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/files/u323895/flippdf.png" width="630" height="473" /></a></p><p><strong>[This is an advertorial. Maclife gets a portion of each unit sold.]</strong></p><p>PDF files are a great way to spread your visual creations and presentations, but they leave a little bit to be desired. Sometimes your work needs to truly come to life for people to get the full effect. Let your audience interact wtih your work by turning your PDFs into a flipbook with Flip PDF. It's on sale in our <a href="" target="_blank">latest Deal</a>.</p><p>It's easy to catch the eye of interested viewers when your work comes alive for them. Turn your presentations and creations into eye-popping flipbooks that are perfect for viewing on mobile or desktop devices. The interactive reading experience will make your work stand out, and it couldn't be easier to create thanks to Flip PDF. With tons of templates to choose from and no coding needed, your work is just a couple clicks away from being better than ever.</p><p>Flip PDF usually retails for $99. If you head to our Deals tab, you can save <a href="" target="_blank">89% off</a> the retail price. That makes your total <a href="" target="_blank">just $9.99</a>. It's a price you can't beat for a great tool to present your work, so <a href="" target="_blank">grab this offer</a> today!</p><p style="text-align: center;"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/files/u323895/buynow-maclife.png" width="123" height="38" /></a></p> News Deals sponsored Stack Social Mon, 28 Jul 2014 17:00:00 +0000 MacLife Staff 20379 at Deals: Get a Charge in the Car with the Kuel Compact Car Charger <!--paging_filter--><p><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/files/u323895/spigencarcharger.jpg" width="630" height="473" /></a></p><p><strong>[This is an advertorial. Maclife gets a portion of each unit sold.]</strong></p><p>Most tech makes our lives easier by providing an extra bit of convenience, but it doesn't always look nice or fit in with the rest of our decor. Imagine if the handiness of tech tools came equipped to provide service and modern sensibility. That's what you'll get with the Kuel Compact Car Charger. It's available now from our <a href="" target="_blank">Deals tab</a>.</p><p>You can get the convenience of a USB charger in your car with a slick style that will look great with your mobile devices when you get the Kuel Compact Car Charger. It can charge up two of your devices at the same time while you're on the go, meaning you'll never have to deal with a dead battery. And with a sleek and stylish LED power indicator, you'll feel comfortable keeping it in your car to provide an added bit of modern touch to your car.</p><p>The&nbsp;Kuel Compact Car Charger&nbsp;usually retails for $35. If you head to our Deals tab, you can save <a href="" target="_blank">28% off</a> the retail price. That means you'll pay <a href="" target="_blank">just $24.99</a>. It's a great price to pay for a handy and stylish accessory, so <a href="" target="_blank">grab this deal</a> today!</p><p style="text-align: center;"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/files/u323895/buynow-maclife.png" width="123" height="38" /></a></p> News Deals sponsored Stack Social Mon, 28 Jul 2014 17:00:00 +0000 MacLife Staff 20380 at Morning Report: Apple's Latest Acquisitions, Retina MacBook Refresh Incoming <!--paging_filter--><p><img src="/files/u220903/swell_iphone_pair_620px.png" alt="Swell app" width="620" height="300" /></p><p>Are you a grandfathered unlimited data user on Verizon Wireless? If so, you may soon find your favorite carrier slowing your roll on data consumption. <a href="" target="_blank">GigaOM reported Friday</a> that Verizon plans to throttle LTE speeds for heavy data users effective October 1, an effort to target the top five percent of users consuming 4.7GB or more each month. The new policy will only affect customers who haven't renewed their contract within the last two years, with customers being notified of the change next week. Speaking of changes, read on to find out how Verizon customers will be able to use their early upgrade program at an Apple store later this year...</p><h3>Apple Pulling Out Checkbook for Swell, BookLamp Acquisitions</h3><p>Cupertino's in an acquisition mood again, with <a href="" target="_blank">TechCrunch reporting Friday</a> that Apple has confirmed a buyout of BookLamp, an Idaho-based analytics service billed as the "Pandora of books." A source claims the deal was “higher than $10 million, and lower than $15 million," although the new owner wouldn't say more than the obligatory "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans."<br /><br />The buying spree continued over the weekend, with <a href="" target="_blank">Re/code reporting Sunday</a> that Apple is also apparently close to purchasing Swell, a news and podcast app with a simplistic user interface aimed at commuters. Coincidentally billed as "Pandora for talk radio," the deal is said to be worth about $30 million, and will see the Swell app shut down later this week and presumably close up shop on the planned Android version.</p><h3>Minor Retina MacBook Pro Refresh Expected Tomorrow</h3><p><a href="" target="_blank">MacRumors today reported</a> that Apple may be poised to release a minor spec bump for the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display models on Tuesday, July 29. Over the weekend, in-store signage from an Apple retail store in China revealed at least the 15-inch model will be updated across the board with Haswell processors clocked at 200 MHz faster than the current models, with the low-end base model bumped from 8GB to 16GB RAM. Tuesday is historically when Apple chooses to release new Mac products, so keep your eyes peeled tomorrow morning if you're in the market for a new MacBook Pro.</p><h3>Apple Retail Expanding into Carrier Early Upgrade Programs</h3><p><a href="" target="_blank">9to5Mac reported Sunday</a> that Apple retail stores will soon allow customers to purchase iPhones using the early upgrade plans of U.S. carriers. AT&amp;T Next, Verizon Edge, and T-Mobile Jump are all expected to kick off as part of a pilot program in late August, presumably ahead of the iPhone 6 coming this fall. Employee training for the program is expected to take place between August 10 and August 28, but is not yet expected to support Sprint's own variation, known as OneUp.<br /><br /><em>Follow this article’s author, <a href="" target="_blank">J.R. Bookwalter on Twitter</a></em></p><p>&nbsp;</p> News acquisitions App Store Apple Inc. BookLamp early upgrades iPhone Mac macbook pro MacBook Refresh Morning Report Swell Verizon Wireless Mon, 28 Jul 2014 12:14:32 +0000 J.R. Bookwalter 20381 at Deals: Save Big on the Best Deals of the Week <!--paging_filter--><p><strong>[This is an advertorial. Maclife gets a portion of each unit sold.]</strong></p><p><strong>There's only one thing we love more than adding new pieces of tech to our arsenal of awesome, and that is saving money while doing it. We love a good deal, which is why we bring you the best offers around every chance we get. 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That means you'll pay <a href="" target="_blank">just $29</a>. It's a great price for a pack of video courses that you won't want to miss out on, so grab <a href="" target="_blank">this deal</a> today!</p><p style="text-align: center;"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/files/u323895/buynow-maclife.png" width="123" height="38" /></a></p><p style="text-align: left;">Looking for more great offers? There's a ton of them lined up every day in our Deals tab for you to take advantage of, like the <a href="" target="_blank">Kick Asset Designer Bundle</a>. It's a collection of over $1,000 worth of design elements that will give every web and graphic designer a boost to their toolkit. You can <a href="" target="_blank">save 95% off</a> the retail price on this bundle and <a href="" target="_blank">pay just $49</a>. You can't pass that up, so grab this offer today and check our Deals tab for more awesome savings.</p> News Deals sponsored Stack Social Sat, 26 Jul 2014 17:00:00 +0000 MacLife Staff 20377 at The Week's 10 Hottest Apple News Stories, July 25 <!--paging_filter--><p>As we get closer to the fall, the news is starting to move to details of the Yosemite OS and possible new features that might show up with the iPhone 6 in iOS. And there's also good news on the horizon for iPhone users who want to switch carriers. Meanwhile, is that a patent filing regarding the iWatch? Let's take a look inside, shall we?</p> Gallery Apple earnings Apple TV devs digital wallet How to ios games iPad iphone iphone 6 iWatch netflix news OS X Yosemite reminders smartwatch tablet market Touch ID Sat, 26 Jul 2014 00:10:53 +0000 J Keirn-Swanson 20376 at