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Cows Set to Upstage iPhone 3G

 If you find yourself in a long line at an Apple store in your local Mall, you'll more than likely need a snack. If you are lucky, you might find a Chick-fil-A in the food court. Chick-fil-A has announced its answer to the iPhone 3G by announcing a new promotion held all day July 11. Celebrate Cow Appreciation Day by wearing a cow costume and you'll get a free meal.   If you or any of your friends see a cow in line for an iPhone 3G on July 11 we want to hear about it. Send us a photo. Now get a moooove on ya hear!

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Technology That Makes You Ask, Why?

  There’s plenty to love in the world of gadgetry--and plenty more that makes you scratch your head. When a great idea marries up-to-the-minute technology, its offspring can be absolute genius. Think iPhone, iPod, or even the Swiss army knife. From simple to complex, the best gadgets are cleverly designed and born of a well-perceived need, while others, no matter how clever, seem to try to fill holes that don’t really exist. When ingenuity gives way to poor judgment, the results are often what we consider a waste of a perfectly good battery.