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Apple-Lost Mashup

 Tonight's Lost season finale has the Mac|Life staff giddy with excitement. As huge fans of the show, Apple, and stories that explore parallel universes, such as, DC comic's Elseworld series and Philip Roth's The Plot Against America, we wondered what would it be like if Ben Linus and Charles Widmore founded Apple instead of our favorites Steves.

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They say an elephant never forgets, but I bet even the brainiest pachyderm would have trouble keeping up in the modern world. Enter Evernote, a Web 2.0 site that's similar to Backpack, but just a little smarter. The primary purpose of Evernote is to enable you to capture and save tidbits of digital info in an organized, searchable collection that’s accessible from any Web browser. The smartness of Evernote lies in its ability to index your collection of notes (which you create by clicking New Note, giving it a name and pasting the contents of the Clipboard into it.) If you want to search the contents of your notebooks, just type the keywords into the search bar and click Search. When you click on individual notes, the keywords will be highlighted in yellow—so cool. 

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All-Night Code Fest

 I got a WWDC email this morning that made me wonder if developers really spend their free time having all-night code fests. My message to developers visiting San Francisco during WWDC, after your sessions are over, please enjoy the beauty of the city. Developers, do you really text each other like this? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Give Your Mac The Finger

Computer security is no laughing matter. Even Average Joes should be concerned about the imminent threat of a security breach. We take it for granted that our computers, both desktop and notebook, contain a lot of personal information. Photos, letters, tax documents, projects, etc. So what can you do? 

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 It's been a while since I had to concern myself with regularly scheduled invoicing. However, after recently restarting my writing career, I found myself in need of an application that would allow me to easily create and send invoices both electronically, and on paper, with little or no fuss. I wanted to do all of this on my Mac and I wanted to abandon the spreadsheet I was using in Microsoft Excel that I used for casual invoicing.

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Web Searching the Cover Flow Way

 A friend pointed me to a new web search engine today called Searchme, it offers a new way to visually search the web. Located at, it is currently in a closed beta. The site will display web search results as a visual snapshot of the site or sites in which it found what you are looking for. The results can be viewed in a Cover Flow fashion just like in Mac OS X Leopard. The results will also have active links that you click which then loads the website link you selected from the visual search results. This new idea for displaying search results has a number of amazing possibilities for displaying video, pictures, and really, any other sort of media. 

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Tactile iPhone Add-On

We've been hearing complaints about the iPhone's lack of a "real" keyboard since its announcement. It's an issue of tactile feedback. If you can't feel the keys your brain shuts down and your fingers fumble for some bit of texture. At least that's what some people believe.

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The Heat is Off

Previously I wrote about selling your old Mac for a premium price when you have AppleCare that's transferable. I never did tell you what I did with the money I got from selling my MacBook Pro - a May 2006 model. I took the cash and bought a new, mid-level, 2.5GHz MacBook Pro. My thighs and I are happy with my purchase. 

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Don't Just Give That Mac Away

Transfer AppleCare for fun and profit.

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 The latest iPod game, Pirates of the Caribbean: Aegir’s Fire, runs aground immediately. Like nearly every other licensed videogame, this sailing adventure feels like a cash-in, looting unsuspecting iPod fans. While the first few ship battles are briefly fun, Aegir’s Fire is mostly tedious, repetitive, and frustrating.