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Word-processing on the iPhone! May a thousand third-party apps bloom... For all of its glowing reviews and critical accolades, the iPhone has received its share of lumps for not having as many practical business applications as its smartphone contemporaries. The most glaring omission, of course, is a decent word processor with a modest array of tools and templates, and the ability to save files as PDFs or Word documents.

Start Your Day Right!

Caffeinated soap - and no, you don't drink it... The Web's best online store for All Things Geek, Think Geek, has started selling caffeinated soap under the product name Shower Shock. Apparently their target market is the übergeeks among us who have time for either coffee or a shower, but not both. Available in bar, travel, and liquid body-wash versions, Think Geek claims the product will deliver 200 milligrams of transdermal pep with every use. Now, I’m not an expert on the human geek condition, but given the stereotype, is caffeine without the pleasure of the beverage really enough to lure the hygienically challenged into the shower? I’m also concerned by Think Geek’s Customer Action Shots feature. There’s already one picture of a guy showering in there... 

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YouTube and, to a lesser extent, LiveLeak have a fast-growing collection of iPhone-related videos. Here are our favorites - plus a segment featuring Rob Riggle from a recent episode of the "Daily Show with Jon Stewart." Just because I love Jon Stewart.


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I've been an iPod fan since the original, but it's taken me until the iPod video - and hacking my car to add an iPod interface - to try to fix a feature that's been missing since day one. Why can't I create a sync-able playlist full of random albums, not just a bunch of random tracks? Through a little-documented feature, I can, without trying to find a custom AppleScript.

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Prevent Hard-Drive Crashes

Every columnist has written about their catastrophic hard-drive crash, so I won't bore you with the details of the one I had last week. Suffice it to say I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. I also won't harangue you about making (and testing!) regular backups - you know that already, right? (I bet Mac|Life senior editor Eugene Robinson still hasn't gotten over his loss.)  Instead, I'm going to tell you about something that could have saved my tuchus at the expense of ten minutes per month of (unattended!) Mac time. To wit: Disk Utility - it's included in Mac OS X, installed by default in /Applications/Utilities.

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5 More iPhone Tricks

After spending some time at my local mall during the official iPhone launch, I decided to saunter back to the Apple Store the following day to spend some time with the device, since I could get nowhere near it on Friday. Of course, I had seen the commercials and the keynote, and watched a few customers play with their new toys after the clock struck 6:00 p.m. but there's nothing quite like holding one of Apple's phones in your hands, sliding the unlock bar and watching iPhone's icons glide into position.

Here's something people often ask me about: how to set a Priority in an outgoing Mail message, so people can know you feel it's important - or not. 

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iPhone Rollout: East-Coast Notes

Thousands of miles from Cupertino and San Francisco, the iPhone rollout still drew enthusiastic crowds.  "You know how big iPhone is going to be?" one of my co-workers posed earlier this week. "My son, who doesn't have a penny to his name, is going to wait on line to buy one, pay whatever the monthly bill is, and - he has a Nokia phone that's good through August - pay a fee to break his contract."

iPhone Letdown

 It's late on Sunday night. My kids are asleep and baseball highlights are airing on the TV in the background. I'm taking a look at the AT&T emails that gave me so much consternation during my iPhone activation. Over 36 hours after I made my iPhone purchase, my iPhone is finally working.

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iPhone First Look: 5 Observations

 Here are five quick, random observations based on about 10 minutes of fiddling with the iPhone after activating it.