I used to post my own photo albums on my Web site, but I grew weary of the Web page construction. Then I found Flickr, and I was quickly hooked on its ease of use, reliability, community, and most importantly, its organizational tools for your photos. Sure, I conceded some control since my photos aren't on my site, but I've been nothing but satisfied during the years I've used Flickr. 

  It was clearly a situation of killing as many birds with as few stones as possible. On deadline to do something about some horrible orphan of an article that’d been hanging over my head, having a podcast that needed to get done and wanting to do it all from Matt’s couch where we had planned to watch the UFC (inveterate fight fans that we are) Saturday night I had my hands full. But Matt lives in San Francisco. A highly DENSE section of San Francisco, and while I could have jacked in via his Ethernet he, also on deadline (another magazine, another level of procrastination), was online.

Rugby Learn how to take great sports photos in a quick-but-thorough tutorial that's spiked with both violence and beautiful women.

 Computers make all kinds of sounds. Beeps, whirls, fan noise, maybe even a click or two, and they're all pretty normal and friendly. But there's one sound you really don't want to hear - it's sort of a combination between a Geiger counter and that flipping sound made when you stuck a César Gerónimo baseball card between the spokes of a Schwinn Sting Ray. It's not a good sound, and it's the sound I heard from my computer the other night. The hard drive's partitions kept mounting and unmounting, and when it would stay mounted, it would take a very, very long time to read a file. 

 A blog is supposed to be semi-personal, sort of meandering and just falling short of loudmouth pontificating, right? I mean RIGHT? Maybe youse all didn’t get the memo. Well I did. In any case, having had the recent occasion to have a few days sitting on, er, my easy chair and watching my life go by I got caught in a life and death wrangle that involved: moving images. You know, video, film, cinema, image projection and all its attendant witchcraftery. On the one hand the advance of modern story telling has been greatly aided and abetted by the technological advances that have made getting our stories told in more and better formats even possible, on the other hand I’m not sure that this is advancing the cause. Especially if that cause is: the general health and welfare of our commonwealth.

 In Las Vegas this morning, I sat down for a half-hour or so with Apple's Director, Pro Video Product Management, Richard Townhill, hoping to clear up a few details about Final Cut Studio 2, which was released yesterday to an enthusiastic crowd.

Anyone have $5,000 to spare so Roman can go buy an eight-core Mac?

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The new My Alerts service on the iTunes Store could be an amazing marketing tool for Apple and hugely convenient for iTunes users. (Notice we said "could be.") Here's what's wrong with it - and how Apple can make things right.

Rik shares quotes from ancient issues of MacUser and Macworld. The far-away days of June 1987 can teach us a lot about today - and provide a laugh or two, as well.