Will my fatherly iPod denial last much longer in the face of facts that seem to say, “your hearing is perfectly safe with us”?

Cable, satellite, broadcast TV - all passé. Internet TV is where it's at.

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Mac users, rejoice! Google Desktop is now available for the Mac! But, wait - can't Spotlight do all that stuff anyway? Yes, and no. Leslie provides a first look at Google Desktop for Mac.

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Productivity tips are all well and good. But let's talk about the latest and greatest UNproductivity apps instead.

A guy in a band wonders if guys in bands should be happy about the recent Apple-EMI lovefest.

Apple no longer sells the iSight webcam. Here's how to use a PC webcam to fil the iSight's shoes.

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Three hundred bones for the Apple TV? Does it come with a butler? Or a case of beer maybe? For that much cash, I expect a larger hard drive and a little bit more whiz-bang.

In this mutato universe where everything is melding into one ur-object, the Shoe iPod stands, or runs, above the rest. Scoff if you want to…

There are thousands of people out there on the Web who want to share their cooking expertise with you - and a few whom you might not want to listen to.

Need to buy a HDMI cable for your Apple TV? You're about to enter a world where the prices run wild, from $6 to $200.