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Money doesn't buy happiness. OK, agreed (grudgingly). But a Mac and an iPod - they do bring happiness. To prove it, Leslie shares 10 ways her Mac and iPod have made her one happy camper.

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In which one editor gets a new cable modem, tells Comcast its MAC address, and sees all heck break loose.

Want to record the best radio show ever for a nonexistent podcast? For nothing? In under an hour? Eaaaasssyyy….

Editor's Blog: Rik Fears the RFID Privacy Invasion

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you.

One man's effort to save an abandoned and controversial iTunes utility.

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Why, oh why, oh why is managing fonts in OS X such a freakin' pain? Leslie ponders this question, and finds more reasons to hate the font Comic Sans.

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One editor's cheers (stimulating discussion and online help, and products that make everything easy) and jeers (delayed Apple TV, the lastest move by the RIAA).

The backup travail continues where we left off last week and picks up with Eugene’s renewed sense of purpose as he discover the salutary effects of solutions well placed.

Tips and tricks, informed punditry, interviews with luminaries, demos of the latest and greatest hardware and software - what do you want in your podcasts? Ask and you shall receive.

An old photo becomes an Internet meme. Roman has the story behind the "original" Get a Mac ad.