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Wanting to keep schoolkids' educational resources up-to-date is a worthy goal. But replacing books with Wikipedia? Ouch.

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Steve Jobs wants DRM-free music. Well, it's out there for the taking, and in lossless compression too.

A moment of pleasure, a lifetime of regret, and the calculus of carelessness. And drinking. Lots of drinking.

Editor's Blog: Why Roman Wants an iPhone

When do you decide it's time to upgrade?

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When it's gone, it's gone. But life goes on. Six lessons to lessen the blow.

Microsoft's marketing campaign hits too close to home for this editor.

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The Apple iPhone, LG Prada Phone, and OpenMoko FIC Neo1973 smartphone sport similar footprints and feature sets. But when you compare them side by side, the differences emerge.

Update: iPhone Innards Re-Revealed

It turns out that the processor running the iPhone is not an XScale, as we reported yesterday. Or so it seems...

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When we will find out about what wasn't discussed at the Mac Expo? If you believe the latest rumor, in less than a month.

From Apple's legal troubles to more misplaced punditry to the iPhone's non-Intel XScale processor, there's more than enough news to go around.