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iPhone 3G Sick Day Tips

  The Boy Genius Report got a tip that the iPhone 3G will be launched at 8AM instead of the evening launch favored by Apple during the OG iPhone launch. The early morning launch may be because of the in-store activation issue. No one wants to have their employees working until 5AM the next day activating iPhones. Think of the overtime! If your original plan to leave work and get and iPhone is smashed by this leaked information, we have a few tips to help you call out sick on July 11.

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iPhone 3G - A Geocaching Find



July 11, 2008, is the release day of the iPhone 3G, a device anticipated for its promised speedy connectivity and its one-stop application shopping. But a small and growing segment have their eyes fixed specifically on the integrated GPS chip: they’re geocachers.

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Pimp Your iPod with Software

 Here’s a little experiment for you: ask your pals if they’ve ever used their iPods to listen to the news. We’re willing to bet cash that most of them said no. We’re also betting a few of them weren’t aware that enterprising companies and plucky individuals around the world are working to pimp your iPod out with a few more abilities than playing more of the usual same-old tunes.