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Image of band CursiveIndie rockers CURSIVE use GarageBand to write songs and iPods to help them practice—and share their pro tips with you.

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 If you're a Twitter user who still uses the web or IM interface, you're missing out. Twitter doesn't have to be a website you always have open, instead, it could be a part of your regular digital lifestyle by flowing tweets to your screen at all times.  Twitter has an outstanding API which allows for many different desktop applications to send and receive tweets to and from Twitter. However, we've got you covered -- here are four popular Twitter clients for Mac OS X.

Make Your Own TV Show!

That cable box isn’t going to fill itself.There are hundreds of channels out there, and not all of them can show endless reruns of Who’s the Boss? No, TV-land needs new shows, and lots of ’em.If you’ve spent any time watching what passes for entertainment these days, you’ve probably thought, “Heck, I can do that!” Well, why don’t you, then?

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The iPhone 3G and the FCC

 The FCC posted Apple’s filing for its new iPhone 3G, and while most of the good stuff is kept under wraps, there are some notable differences between it and iPhone EDGE. 

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  For as long as Apple has been delivering revolutionary, drool-worthy products that defy expectations and redefine conventions, fans have been scrambling for a peek under the next black curtain. With the proliferation of 24/7 news sites and bloggers, the race to report rumors has become cutthroat competition; as such, stories can sprout from anywhere --- patent filings, supplier contracts, inventory fluctuation, dormant string names and, of course, anonymous tips --- and often spread as fast as actual press releases. Last month’s report on upcoming iPhone subsidies, for example, originated on a Fortune blog and included a number of juicy, unconfirmed details that were picked up by The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Washington Post, and Canada’s Globe and Mail, to name a few.

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 When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in his January 9, 2007, keynote address, he called it “a widescreen iPod, mobile phone, and Internet communicator.” And it was. Later in the speech, he explained that it ran a version of Mac OS X, designed for “desktop-class applications.” And it did—but the iPhone only used the applications that Apple chose to build into its firmware. Developers could only write apps to run in the Web browser, or be installed on hacked, or jailbroken, iPhones.

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  The iPod is not only the best-looking and best-selling music player to date but also a springboard from which dozens of accessories have launched and soared. These products turn your iPod from a mere digital music player into multi-functional tool--that happens to play episodes of Family Guy.  Some attachments are so useful that it makes you wonder why Apple didn’t think of it first. In fact, some of these accessories can become so integral to your iPod that it can feel naked without them.

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 Dennis Liu, creator of our favorite screencast music video, "Again and Again" from the indie band, The Bird and the Bee, took us through the process of creating the spellbinding video. 

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The Revolution Will Be YouTubed

 You’ve finished your cinematic masterpiece and now you have to tackle the biggest problem facing filmmakers today: How do you distribute your video to the plethora of available outlets: DVDs, iPods, iPhones, the Internet, and God forbid, Zunes. Considering the number of codecs and video formats out there, getting your brain wrapped around all of them can be an exercise in futility. Don’t fret, future Antonioni, we’re here to weed out all the excess and you give you the information you need to get your film seen now without the need for a degree in video engineering.

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10 Things We Miss From OS 9

 For millions of post-iPod Mac users, OS X is the alpha and omega of the Apple desktop. Unlike Microsoft --- which has basically kept the same arrangement and appearance for its task bar and icons despite updating the overall feel of Windows over the last decade or so --- Apple took its OS in a completely new direction back in 2001 and has never looked back, integrating a new processor architecture and building a revolutionary mobile platform around its sleek engine and slick curves.