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iFaux GPS Put to the Test

 iPhone firmware 1.1.3 brought Google Location's cell tower and Wi-Fi triangulation to the mobile device. When Steve Jobs demoed the technology at his annual Mac Expo Keynote, he exclaimed, "It's going to locate me right on the map. Zoom. That's cool." We decided to see how "cool" the Enhanced Maps feature truly is with a real world test. Armed with an iPhone, digital camera and a car, I drove to various Bay Area landmarks to see just how well the iPhone, with updated Maps, could find me.

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Life After Death

Most iPods are shaped like tombstones. Coincidence? We’ve buried our share, but the strong music-playing interface keeps us buying more. When an iPod is finally ready for that great silhouetted commercial in the sky, recycle it to fill a new purpose. It’ll be much more useful than a taxidermied pet, yet still remind you of the good times.Reincarnate old and broken iPods with these fun projects.

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Music Video - Hit Me on My iPhone

iPhone guy raps, be afraid, be very afraid.

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Deep Tech - The Future Begins Today

Get ready for the iPill. The future of medicine.

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Stacks Sucks

Stacks: Entirely useless There, I said it. It has been far and away my biggest disappointment with Leopard. Stacks was one feature I was really excited about, but after 10 seconds of using it, I knew Stacks had to go. Worse than being less than I expected, Stacks actually took away my favorite feature of the dock: the ability to navigate through folder structures.

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Are We Not Men? We Are Mutato!

Devo’s panjandrum Mark Mothersbaugh mixes quirky musical sensibilities with consumerist seduction via his new company, Mutato Muzika. Its healthy soundtrack and commercial divisions are driven by... You got it: Macs.

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The Mac|Life Quiz Show

Expo goers answer a series of questions to win fabulous prizes.

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 Handy tips to make your Mac Expo experience in San Francisco a good one.

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Shuffle Your iPod’s Look

iPods look good, but they all look alike. Make your working iPod stand out with a new metal backing. Just permanently cover the original stainless steel by electroplating a new layer on top. Choose from gold, copper, nickel, tin, chrome, bronze, or other finishes. We tried gold- and copper-plating kits from Caswell Plating, for flashy and retro results. Be warned that gold can be difficult to apply, while copper is comparatively easy. We’ll explain the process for either metal. 

All Hands on Leopard

There’s a world of power lurking inside Apple’s latest big cat. We give you the complete story on exactly where to find it.Installing a new operating system on your Mac is like unwrapping a much-anticipated holiday gift: There are just so many goodies inside waiting to be pored over and played with. We dug deep into Mac OS 10.5 - better known as Leopard - and found powerful tools, entertaining toys, and the occasional rock-hard fruitcake. Our in-depth Leopard primer is at www.maclife.com/article/living_with_leopard, but we’ve found more teeth on this cat. Come along for a tour of the hidden treats that are waiting for you inside Apple’s latest and greatest OS.