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Mac|Life Leopard Guide

 Leopard will be in our excited little hands Friday at 6PM. No more cursing the iPhone because it delayed Leopard's launch. No more wondering if Spaces, Stacks and Time Machine are worth the hoopla. Soon we'll driving the most advanced operating system in the universe.*

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The only thing more terrifying than your film is your budget. This Halloween you could throw a boring old party or hand out the same old candy. Or you could gather your friends and family and create a cinematic masterpiece. Follow us as we lead you to the summer camp that is The Mac|Life Guide to Creating a Cheap and Cheesy Horror Film. 

Nobody got rich by throwing stuff away - except the garbagemen.Old iPods don’t die, they’re harvested. A growing mini-economy around scavenging parts is giving old and busted iPods second lives. With discarded electronics accounting for 70 percent of the heavy metals and 40 percent of the lead found in U.S. landfills, it helps to keep even a small percentage of Apple’s 100 million iPods out of the e-waste stream helps.  

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10 Worst Apple Commercials

Apple commercials that should have been left on the cutting room floor.

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Do It Like a DJ

You’ve got a muscular iTunes library, a Mac laptop, and a burning disco desire to bring music to the masses. But other than gathering around your MacBook and pressing play, or plugging into your stereo’s audio-out jack, you’re not sure how to get there. You’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to become a real-live DJ - without spending a dime.

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iDentify Your iPods

Nothing teaches the arcana of iPod models as thoroughly as a trip through Craigslist, as I recently discovered when looking for my first (cheap, second-hand) iPod. To the untrained eye, they sure all look the same, don’t they? But subtle distinctions tell the story at a glance. And here they are, gleaned mostly from Apple’s own ”Identifying iPod Models." (Other sources: Apple’s hardware specifications site and Wikipedia.)

Believe it or not, the world of audio actually extends beyond iTunes and the iPod. When you’re facing well over a hundred audio-file formats (if you don’t believe us, see www.sonicspot.com/guide/fileformatlist.html and be amazed), understanding the world of digital audio may seem more than a tad overwhelming. Here’s a first step in comprehending the clouded mysteries of the digital-audio world.

3 Cures for Bad Web Design

 On the whole, Web designers and programmers are a hard-working, industrious bunch, but some seemed determined to make Web browsing as difficult as possible. When you spend a lot of time online, bad design and poor programming can start to seem like an epidemic. Here we’ve diagnosed three of the epidemic’s most persistent symptoms, and provided cures.

Each day has 24 hours. This article has 40 ways to make each of those hours more pleasant and productive.It's time to let your Mac into your life. We mean really let it in. After all, juggling email, working with digital photos, and managing your media are just a fraction of what your Mac can do for you.Think we're exaggerating? We were afraid you might be skeptical. So we collected 40 things you can do today to integrate your Mac (and your iPod) more fully into your everyday routines.

Revitalize, Restore, and Renew Your Mac


Even the fastest runners and most accomplished ballerinas don’t spend all their time running or dancing. The human body requires rest and rejuvenation—and so does your Mac. But just turning it off while you sleep isn’t enough. There are a variety of ways you can help your Mac regain its youthful vigor. But we know you’re busy. So rather than provide you with a list of tricky, expensive upgrades, we gathered a dozen-plus quick, refreshing ways to give your Mac a mini spa vacation. When you’re done, it’ll feel (almost) like new. Kind of like how you felt the last time you dusted off your yoga mat or got a massage.