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 Macs are expensive. Let’s just go ahead and admit that right away. Yes, they’re the best computers on the market, and each new Mac includes useful software like Mail, Safari, TextEdit, and the iLife suite for no extra charge. But many consider certain high-priced software packages—specifically, Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, although the list doesn’t end there—to be so standard that they’re practically required purchases. Indeed, when people ask us about switching from a PC to the Mac, one of the first questions usually is, “I’ll have to rebuy Office, won’t I?” Not necessarily.

 Enjoy yourself. For most of the self-employed, a bad day of freelancing beats a good day in the cube farm.  The life cycle of a business idea can be a beautiful thing to behold. From the “Eureka!” moment when you discover what it is you want to create, to the moment you get a nice, big, fat paycheck for selling your creation, getting a home business up and running can be a wonderful, empowering experience. But if you think it’s just a matter of getting the right gear, you’re wrong. All the gear in the world won’t help you break the shackles of working for The Man if it’s used incorrectly (or costs too much). Indeed, the keys to success are the soft ingredients: the best Mac applications, the best online services, the best practices for making a go of it alone. We offer a six-page primer on establishing financial self-determination—with your trusty Mac by your side. 

Is the air getting thinner?

 Mac Book Air, 3.0 pounds, 0.16-0.76 inches thick, 13.3-inch display, 1.6GHz /1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 80GB hard drive, Backlit keyboard, Multi-touch trackpad, iSight camera,No optical drive, Must be caressed to be believed Steve Jobs’ opening bow at Mac Expo 2008 was uncharacteristically late by some 10 minutes, but the news he had to share was completely on time if one believes that keeping pace with the forward march of technology (and all its digital lifestyle overtones) is important. From the time-saving Time Capsule to the well-timed iPhone enhancements to the “Will they stand the test of time?” big-ticket items—iTunes movie rentals, Apple TV Take Two, and the impossibly thin MacBook Air—Expo ’08 marked Apple’s first year as a rightfully placed consumer electronics juggernaut, with multiple prongs of attack jutting from its ever-determined center.  

Font Management Made Simple(r)

 At some point, virtually everyone has experienced at least one maddening font-based misfortune. Sometimes a completely wrong font is substituted for the one you intended, seemingly randomly. Or a font that used to work fine is now coming up corrupted. Or you use the wrong version of a font, and now your document has silently become pages longer. (And of course, these problems seem to only pop up when you’re working on a huge project with a tight deadline.) We’ll explain some of the mysteries of font management, and give you steps to follow to get your fonts in order and stop the madness.  

 Whether you’re packing for a business trip thousands of miles away, or you just want to get out of the house for a few hours, sometimes you need to take your Mac on the road. While it’s debatable whether “getting there is half the fun,” keeping your MacBook (and your workflow) running smoothly, both in transit and when you arrive, is an absolute must. And we hate to break it to you, but with a more-mobile Mac comes increased responsibility—like making sure your precious ’Book doesn’t get stolen, broken, or disconnected from the world. We’ve got the latest tricks for keeping your precious cargo safe, secure, and connected—and some advice for coping with accidents you can’t avoid.  

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Day Four of our journey into the polished glass and aluminum jungles of Mosconia found our party exhausted and almost beyond hope -- of getting a decent latte, foodstuffs under $20, and, most importantly, what we came for: perfect specimens of MaccusExpous. This genus thrives in the glow of LEDs, conspicuous iPhone usage, and rhapsodic flights of tech lust. But as luck would have it, our fortunes changed, and there in open sight, the various species emerged before our eyes and began milling on the range. We brought not tranquilizer darts, but cameras, and are now happy to share what we found on our long sojourn into the heart of, um, well, you know.

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iFaux GPS Put to the Test

 iPhone firmware 1.1.3 brought Google Location's cell tower and Wi-Fi triangulation to the mobile device. When Steve Jobs demoed the technology at his annual Mac Expo Keynote, he exclaimed, "It's going to locate me right on the map. Zoom. That's cool." We decided to see how "cool" the Enhanced Maps feature truly is with a real world test. Armed with an iPhone, digital camera and a car, I drove to various Bay Area landmarks to see just how well the iPhone, with updated Maps, could find me.

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Life After Death

Most iPods are shaped like tombstones. Coincidence? We’ve buried our share, but the strong music-playing interface keeps us buying more. When an iPod is finally ready for that great silhouetted commercial in the sky, recycle it to fill a new purpose. It’ll be much more useful than a taxidermied pet, yet still remind you of the good times.Reincarnate old and broken iPods with these fun projects.

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Music Video - Hit Me on My iPhone

iPhone guy raps, be afraid, be very afraid.

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Deep Tech - The Future Begins Today

Get ready for the iPill. The future of medicine.