Equip your Mac Pro with four drives for speed and safety.

Podcast Like a Pro

1. PODCAST TRACK: Manage an enhanced podcast's artwork and Web links here.2. LOOP LIBRARY: Click the eye icon to load your loops.3. TRACK EDITOR: Flips into Chapter Manager mode when the Podcast Track is present.4. ART-ANNOTATED CHAPTER MARKERS: Spice up your audio podcast.5. MUSICAL TYPING: Play your Mac's keyboard like a piano.6. MEDIA BROWSER: All of your other iLife stuff is right here.7. DUCKING CONTROLS: Twiddle the arrows to set which tracks cause others to duck in volume. 

Build Killer Charts

Sometimes the Best Way to Explain Yourself (and Your Plans) Is Visually

Pitch a Tent for Better Macro Photography

The Secret to Macro Photography Is Control Over Lighting

Revive Dull Photos in iPhoto

iPhoto's Histogram Tool Can Help You Breathe Life Back into Plain or Muddy Photos

Back That Mac Up

Backup software that's user-friendly and useful? Must be Apple's.We're relentless about telling you to back up your files and Mac OS X settings - and now that Apple's released Backup 3 (free with .Mac account or free 60-day trial,, you've got no excuse not to. Here's how to back up smartly - just be aware that Backup doesn't make bootable backups.

Change Unchangeable System Settings

You have a lot more control over your Mac's default system settings than you might think.

Baby Your Battery

Treat Your 'Book or 'Pod's Battery Well, and It Will Stick Around for a Long Time

Hack Your Toys

Sometimes It's Good to Humor Your Inner Child

Tap Into Your Home Network Remotely

Accessing Your Home Network from Afar Can Be Tricky - but Not if You Follow Our Advice