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Mac|Life Leopard Guide

 Leopard will be in our excited little hands Friday at 6PM. No more cursing the iPhone because it delayed Leopard's launch. No more wondering if Spaces, Stacks and Time Machine are worth the hoopla. Soon we'll driving the most advanced operating system in the universe.*

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The only thing more terrifying than your film is your budget. This Halloween you could throw a boring old party or hand out the same old candy. Or you could gather your friends and family and create a cinematic masterpiece. Follow us as we lead you to the summer camp that is The Mac|Life Guide to Creating a Cheap and Cheesy Horror Film. 

Nobody got rich by throwing stuff away - except the garbagemen.Old iPods don’t die, they’re harvested. A growing mini-economy around scavenging parts is giving old and busted iPods second lives. With discarded electronics accounting for 70 percent of the heavy metals and 40 percent of the lead found in U.S. landfills, it helps to keep even a small percentage of Apple’s 100 million iPods out of the e-waste stream helps.  

 If you can't wait for Leopard or don't plan to upgrade immediately, here's how you can train your Tiger today.

Distraction-Proof Your Desktop

"I'll start working right after I check my email. Ooh! YouTube link!"

*without spending more than a grand

create. share. enjoy. (Part 1)

Do more on your Mac with iLife ’08 and iWork ’08.

Additional Green-screen Information

Here's the additional green-screen information that didn't make it to the magazine.

Advanced Green-screen Editing

If you've ever wanted video of yourself dancing on a grill with a steak, look no further.

Brains of the Operation, Pt. 5

Adding a network hard drive is a good way to save your tears for something that really matters.