Brains of the Operation, Pt. 3

Apple has been hinting for years that it’s ready to “take over” the living room, and the Apple TV is certainly a giant step toward such domination. A host of products compete for your home entertainment attention, so it’s not an all-Apple world yet.

Brains of the Operation, Pt. 2

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. So why not turn it into a place where the lights brighten, dim, or go out altogether automatically, and where you can play whatever music suits your mood? Here’s how.

Brains of the Operation, Pt. 1

The front door is the portal into the rest of your Mac-enabled abode. Its also important in terms of home security, because the front door is a common break-in point. When youre away from home or busy at the back of the house, its a good idea to keep tabs on who might be lurking out front.

The Great Communicator, Pt. 3

VoIP can let you make one-on-one or conference calls from your Mac. But we all know that your Mac can be the hub of your nonverbal communications, too.

How to Send iPhone Photos to Flickr

There comes a time in every person's life when he wants to share his goat pictures.

Become the envy of iPhoners everywhere when your phone spits out a beautiful rendition of Funkytown.

iphone image with SoonR interface There’s more to this hot little gadget than you ever imagined. We offer 25 tips that help you take total control of your iPhone.

Use Keywords to Find Photos Fast

Use these tips to quickly sift through your image collection to locate that scathing image macro or cherished memory.

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Entourage and iPhone Play Nice

How to get your Entourage contacts onto your iPhone without wearing down your thumbs.

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Do It Like a DJ

You’ve got a muscular iTunes library, a Mac laptop, and a burning disco desire to bring music to the masses. But other than gathering around your MacBook and pressing play, or plugging into your stereo’s audio-out jack, you’re not sure how to get there. You’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to become a real-live DJ - without spending a dime.