*without spending more than a grand

create. share. enjoy. (Part 1)

Do more on your Mac with iLife ’08 and iWork ’08.

Additional Green-screen Information

Here's the additional green-screen information that didn't make it to the magazine.

Advanced Green-screen Editing

If you've ever wanted video of yourself dancing on a grill with a steak, look no further.

Brains of the Operation, Pt. 5

Adding a network hard drive is a good way to save your tears for something that really matters.

Brains of the Operation, Pt. 4

How many cooks are in your kitchen?

Brains of the Operation, Pt. 3

Apple has been hinting for years that it’s ready to “take over” the living room, and the Apple TV is certainly a giant step toward such domination. A host of products compete for your home entertainment attention, so it’s not an all-Apple world yet.

Brains of the Operation, Pt. 2

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. So why not turn it into a place where the lights brighten, dim, or go out altogether automatically, and where you can play whatever music suits your mood? Here’s how.

Brains of the Operation, Pt. 1

The front door is the portal into the rest of your Mac-enabled abode. Its also important in terms of home security, because the front door is a common break-in point. When youre away from home or busy at the back of the house, its a good idea to keep tabs on who might be lurking out front.

The Great Communicator, Pt. 3

VoIP can let you make one-on-one or conference calls from your Mac. But we all know that your Mac can be the hub of your nonverbal communications, too.