Make (and Use) Your Own Green Screen

Can't afford to shoot your sci-fi thriller on location on the moon? Build your own green screen on the cheap instead, and place your actors there digitally.

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You Control lets you customize your menubar with just the items you need - when and where you need them.

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Bypass tedious and repetitive tasks in Word by creating macros that automatically do them for you - it's like setting your word-processing app on auto-pilot!

Connect Your Mac to USB Gadgets

Turn your Mac into a hub for a multitude of USB devices.

When planning out your home theater, it helps to "think differently."

Connect Your Mac to a Wi-Fi Network

Cut the cords on your home network and go Wi-Fi (aka AirPort).

Connect Your Mac to Your Mobile Phone

Link your Mac to your Blackberry, Motorola RAZR, Palm Treo, and more.

Demystify Your iTunes Album Listings

How do you get off of perpetual scramble if you’re really an album-oriented listener?

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I've been an iPod fan since the original, but it's taken me until the iPod video - and hacking my car to add an iPod interface - to try to fix a feature that's been missing since day one. Why can't I create a sync-able playlist full of random albums, not just a bunch of random tracks? Through a little-documented feature, I can, without trying to find a custom AppleScript.

Create Your Own Digital SLR Lenses

Create tools for capturing beautiful photos without draining your bank account.