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5 More iPhone Tricks

After spending some time at my local mall during the official iPhone launch, I decided to saunter back to the Apple Store the following day to spend some time with the device, since I could get nowhere near it on Friday. Of course, I had seen the commercials and the keynote, and watched a few customers play with their new toys after the clock struck 6:00 p.m. but there's nothing quite like holding one of Apple's phones in your hands, sliding the unlock bar and watching iPhone's icons glide into position.

Stay Organized With Backpack

Who needs a Blackberry when you can have this Web-based organizer?

Here's something people often ask me about: how to set a Priority in an outgoing Mail message, so people can know you feel it's important - or not. 

Turn Up the Heat Under Firefox

Explore the world of application extensibility and APIs with these handy Firefox Web 2.0 add-ons.

Each day has 24 hours. This article has 40 ways to make each of those hours more pleasant and productive.It's time to let your Mac into your life. We mean really let it in. After all, juggling email, working with digital photos, and managing your media are just a fraction of what your Mac can do for you.Think we're exaggerating? We were afraid you might be skeptical. So we collected 40 things you can do today to integrate your Mac (and your iPod) more fully into your everyday routines.

How to Remove the iPhone SIM Card

image of iphone SIM card slot

We have photos so you can see how it's done. All you need is a paper clip.

Smarten Up Safari

Web 2.0 technologies are all the rage, and we've got three ways to make Safari more W2-aware.

Share Your Media with iLife

You don't need Web 2.0 gimmickry to share your creativity, as long as you have a copy of the venerable iLife.

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The 99-cent songs in the iTunes Store come with a bunch of restrictions known as FairPlay DRM. Here's how to ditch it and free your tunes.

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How to Make Your Own Icon

You're only as cool as your desktop icons. Here's how to create your very own totally custom icon.