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  iPhone Atlas posted an article reporting that an AT&T minion employee spilled the beans on upcoming MMS support coming to the iPhone. You know, the text messages that include pretty pictures instead of the annoying service AT&T wants you to sign into every time someone sends a MMS message to your iPhone. We're joining the rest of the internet calling shenanigans on this alleged memo. The image above doesn't really help the case. First, the image has the carrier as T-Mobile and secondly, the app on the iPhone in question is SwirlyMMS. SwirlyMMS adds, you guessed it, MMS support to jailbroken iPhones. So lets get back to speculating on the more important issues of the day. Like, where's copy and paste, and what time will I have to leave work to get an iPhone. Come on people, priorities. Via Gizmodo

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iPhone 3G News: Just Two Weeks to Go

 Like sands trickling through the hourglass, so are the details of the iPhone 3G. With two weeks to go until the phone's initial launch, AppleInsider's sources say that iPhones will be relatively expensive in Europe. Apple is also reportedly pushing international carriers to offer flat-rate data plans instead of selling data access by the kilobit, so the plans will also be pricey. France Telecom's Orange announced the pricing and plans for the iPhone 3G's debut in France on July 17. As we've already told you, Telefonica has announced 300,000 preorders in Spain and the U.K., but an Apple memo claims that no preorders will happen at Apple Stores here in the States, no way no how (Apple can't wait to have another launch-day frenzy on its hands, we're sure).  At least one O2 employee has been telling British customers that they'll be able to sign up for -- but not activate -- their iPhone 3G contract before the phone launches on July 11. Then they'd just have to come back on July 11 to buy the phone and activate the contract with a confirmation code. Of course, that O2 employee might be totally wrong, but we certainly hope this is true and that AT&T does something similar in the U.S. so the launch day lines keep moving. Finally, FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger reports that Apple has boosted its iPhone 3G orders to more than 15 million by the end of 2008. Mac orders also up as much as 20 percent. That's a lot of freakin' iPhones. Curiously, the same report says that lower-priced iPod nanos will be coming our way soon as well.

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Trojan Horses on Mac OS X

 We briefly mentioned this on Monday, but there's more info about the Mac OS X Trojan horses recently sighted.  One of them, seen in the wild, is disguised as a Mac program called If you type in your administrator password at the prompt, the hacker will be able to remotely access your Mac through a SSH tunnel. But another Trojan, so far just a proof of concept, actually gives the hacker root access, via an ARDAgent vulnerability in the operating system.  This has naturally led to more concern about the rising threat of Mac OS X malware, and we're sure to hear more about it as the Mac platform becomes more and more popular. Prominent hacker Dino Dai Zovi offers some suggestions for Apple to put better malware protection into Snow Leopard. Until then (and even after then, of course), it's up to everyone to stay vigilant.

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300,000 Europeans Can't Be Wrong

  Telefonica announced 300,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 3G in Spain and the United Kingdom.  They have allowed customers to go to their websites to reserve the iPhone 3G since it was announced earlier this month. Telefonica will sell the device in twelve Latin American countries, the Czech Republic and Spain on July 11. Telefonica sells the iPhone under the O2 brand in the UK and Ireland.

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 Microsoft has finally released the Open XML File Format Converter for Mac 1.0. If you'll recall the converter got off to a bad start, but it's here at last. According to Microsoft's website the Converter will allow you to convert Open XML files that were created in Mac Office 2008 or Office 2007 for Windows to files that you can open,edit and save in earlier versions of Office for Mac (Mac Office 2004 and Office v.X for Mac). It's compatible with Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. You have the option of converting or opening one file or performing a batch conversion of multiple files. It's available for download here as a 45MB DMG file. Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac 12.1.1 Update offers the standard improvements to enhance stability and performance. For more information about this update, please visit the Microsoft Help and Support site. The knowledge base article goes into explicit and lengthly detail about this update. It looks like the Mac BU team is working hard to make Office 2008 even better. The update applies to: Office 2008, Office 2008 Home and Student Edition, Office 2008 Special Media Edition, Word 2008, Excel 2008, PowerPoint 2008, Entourage 2008. It's available for download here as a 153MB DMG file.

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  Apple doesn't send its brave retail employees into the trenches without proper training. To prepare the Apple Army, the company has issued an internal document outlining how to deal with customers on July 11.

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  Sister site and arch nemesis, Maximum PC, put Apple's corral of notebooks to the test against Windows notebooks with similar features and specs. The results? The MacBook Air got good marks for its value, while the MacBook Pro took down the Dell XPS M1530. Take that Michael Dell! Check out the full article and start writing emails to your Windows lovin' friends.

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  Not to be outdone by AT&T’s rumored 8AM iPhone 3G launch in the US, the UK’s O2 is now reportedly set to open their stores at 7AM, an hour earlier than usual, on July 11 to eager customers. This rumor comes second hand from a poster in the Mac Rumors forum who claims to have received the information from an O2 employee.  According to the employee, O2 will be signing up customers for iPhone 3G service starting July 1.  By July 11, the credit check and service contract would be in place so users can waltz into their local O2 store and pick up their new iPhone. The source also claims that O2 stores will be receiving shipments of 5,000 iPhone 3G’s per location.  That’s a mighty number, causing some to question the validity of the source.  Although the employee also states that O2 stores received the same number for the original iPhone launch in November. If the winners in this picture are O2 customers, then the losers are the UK Apple stores.  Because there is no O2 account activation system and a lack of proper training for employees, Apple may be forced to sell only pre-paid iPhones in their stores. Via AppleInsider

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iPhone 3G Virtual Teardown

  The much anticipated iPhone 3G apparently costs less to make than its predecessor. iSuppli released a report concerning the first round of a preliminary “virtual teardown” of the phone’s hardware and reported that the Bill of Materials (BOM) on the 8GB model is only $173. That is pretty extraordinary considering the next-gen iPhone is loaded with new features and is now well equipped to take advantage of AT&T’s 3G network. 

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  Greenpeace has ranked Apple 11th in its Guide to Greener Electronics. The organization ranks the top market leaders of electronics on their policies and practices on toxic chemicals and take-back.