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Apple Store - Yeah, It's Down

 The time honored tradition of shutting down the Apple online store has commenced. It won't be long now.  

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How-To: Restore Your Hacked iPhone

 Disclaimer: Mac|Life can not be held responsible for any problems that may arise from the hacking and unhacking of your iPhone. Be sure to research any hacking and unhacking procedures thoroughly before proceeding.  With the iPhone App Store opening for business at any moment, many iPhone owners are looking at their jailbroken, unlocked or otherwise hacked phones and deciding a little time travel might be in order. After all, it’s quite unlikely programs acquired from the App Store will run on anything but Apple-approved, untouched hardware. With that in mind, let’s run through the various methods of “revirginizing” your iPhone.

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The Keynote Line

The queue has already begun for tomorrow's event.

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Fun With Fake iPhone Mock-Ups

It's not a product launch without fake products. SPY PHOTO ALERT!

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Possible iPhone spoiler images ahead.

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May use 30% revenue share to buy sweet mopeds for iTunes staff.

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  For as long as Apple has been delivering revolutionary, drool-worthy products that defy expectations and redefine conventions, fans have been scrambling for a peek under the next black curtain. With the proliferation of 24/7 news sites and bloggers, the race to report rumors has become cutthroat competition; as such, stories can sprout from anywhere --- patent filings, supplier contracts, inventory fluctuation, dormant string names and, of course, anonymous tips --- and often spread as fast as actual press releases. Last month’s report on upcoming iPhone subsidies, for example, originated on a Fortune blog and included a number of juicy, unconfirmed details that were picked up by The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Washington Post, and Canada’s Globe and Mail, to name a few.

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Apple Louvre

Apple secures store location near famous museum.

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Boxes Of Mystery

3G iPhone or ????

 A true artist can find inspiration almost anywhere, including in the digital realm. But when we think of art created with computers, the tools that first jump to mind are drawing apps like Adobe Illustrator, 3D modelers like Google SketchUp, or animation tools like Cinema 4D. Not Microsoft Office.