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NBC on the iPhone

The Office and 30 Rock in your pocket.

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Plus, another Leopard update coming soon, how to fight spam, and a chance to show Microsoft the difference between a good video and a horrible one.

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School of Rock

 Still have dreams of being the next Jimi Hendrix or Elton John? But your guitar or piano/keyboard is now gathering dust in the corner because you don’t have the time or the money to spend taking lessons, right? Well, dust it off, because online lessons may be the answer to your dilemma.  Online lessons are much cheaper than in-person lessons, which typically cost $50 or more an hour; you can take a lesson at home whenever you want, or even on the go with a laptop and portable instrument; and with streaming video you can see exactly how your instructor plays the melodies and chords. Also, unlike package deals that send you DVDs and books, online material is not static—new lessons are continually added, and in some cases you can select from a variety of instructors. Online lesson forums also allow you to get feedback from your teachers and have them or other students answer your questions, listen to your music, and more.

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Video: Sprint Takes on the iPhone

War on iPhone will cost $100 million

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Colbert encourages President Bush to buy a Zune, AOL releases Mac software and AP launches iPhone news site.

Rumor: Another Blurry 3G iPhone Image

Will it ever end?

Rumor: New iPhone June 12

Better speakers and camera expected, according to friend of a friend,

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Memo points to summer event

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Apple and Vodafone to bring iPhone to multiple markets, NBC shows up on iTunes UK and Japan wants to tax iPod sales.

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New spy shots show up in Chinese-language forum.