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The iPhone flips out, BBC iPlayer hacked and Windows Mobile getting Flash.

First Look: The Evolution of Spore

 Spore starts small. A simple life form--you, specifically--merrily swims around in primordial goo, absorbing nutrients. Nothing matters outside of this pool, not the rock basin that holds it, the continent that cradles the rock basin, the planet that holds the continent, the solar system that contains the planet, or the galaxy that surrounds the solar system. None of that matters--yet. Spore keeps its focus on the immediate goal, a race to survive and grow. Just like those scaling worlds, there’s always a hungry creature bigger than you.

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iPhone SDK Elite

 March 6, 2008 was a day to remember for myself and many other application developers, it was on the day that Apple announced the iPhone software developer's kit (SDK). Apple had over 100,000 downloads of the SDK even before a week had passed. I'd say that response is a bit overwhelming, but still good.

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I Shall Call Him, Mini Mod

 Case modder, Hideo Takano, placed his Mac mini into a custom built case that resembles the Mac Pro tower. The side of the case even opens to reveal the enclosed hard drive. Takano also added a USB port and power button to the front of his mini tower.  If you think you have the mad skills to recreate this masterpiece, Takano has posted a how-to to create your own. The original directions are in Japanese, but the power of Google Translate could get a few brave souls on their way. Our favorite translated step: And this is part of the hole in the earth and many offer a table in the front part.   

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WWDC 2008 will be massive thanks to all the iPhone development hoopla. Plus, iPhone as gaming platform, an Apple TV with DVR functionality, and more.

New Stuff: SLR Happy

  When it’s time to get serious about photography, it’s time to get a new single-lens reflex camera.

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Music industry wants broadband surcharge, Mickey making iTunes money and MacBook Air is one hot tamale.

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iPhone SDK already hacked, old iPod sparks while charging and game developers line up to create iPhone games.

NAND flash prices fall, lost MacBook Air and Beatles NOT Coming to iTunes, Yet.

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Mac SE Goes TP

The potty mod.