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 A multitude of downloadable programs will launch for iPhone and iPod Touch devices in early July, with Apple’s release of the App Store. Software developers will be able to directly reach customers on either of those devices, with programs less than 10MB even being available for download over-the-air through a mobile phone company. Software bigger than 10MB will be available through iTunes on a Mac or PC, or directly through a WiFi connection. Apple will handle the file hosting and transactions for developers, sharing 70 percent of the revenue with those designers. Software developers will chose the price for their programs, including being able to give applications away for free.

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Who's Buying a New iPhone?

After all the rumors and leaks, the iPhone 3G is here. Well maybe not here, but it's been announced. On July 11, we expect huge lines for the new iPhone, but will you be in that line? So even with 3G and GPS, is the iPhone 3G a must have device?

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Video: WWDC '08 Keynote

 If you couldn't make it to the keynote, Apple has posted the entire video on their site. See actual demos of products! See Phil Schiller make fun of ActiveSync. See the unveiling of the 3G iPhone. Check it out!

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 Am I the only one who is reminded of Mario Bros. by the MobileMe icon? Apple announced MobileMe today. The new service will replace the .Mac service. Current .Mac subscribers will have their accounts automatically upgraded to MobileMe. Apple is calling it "Exchange for the rest of us." The service will set you back $99 annually and can be accessed at 

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iPhone Software 2.0 - Early July

 Apple announced that iPhone software 2.0 will be available early July. Without an actual release date, that means it'll probably hit Software Update on July 10 at 11:59PM.

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3G iPhone Is Here

Well, our prayers have been answered. The 3G iPhone will be available July 11 for $199 (8GB) and $299 (16GB). The new slimmer iPhone will have a curvier plastic back available in black for the 8GB iPhone, and black or white for the 16GB iPhone. No more getting your iPhones mixed up with your roomies'.  

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WWDC Keynote - Live Updates

Live from the floor of Moscone West.

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Apple Store - Yeah, It's Down

 The time honored tradition of shutting down the Apple online store has commenced. It won't be long now.  

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How-To: Restore Your Hacked iPhone

 Disclaimer: Mac|Life can not be held responsible for any problems that may arise from the hacking and unhacking of your iPhone. Be sure to research any hacking and unhacking procedures thoroughly before proceeding.  With the iPhone App Store opening for business at any moment, many iPhone owners are looking at their jailbroken, unlocked or otherwise hacked phones and deciding a little time travel might be in order. After all, it’s quite unlikely programs acquired from the App Store will run on anything but Apple-approved, untouched hardware. With that in mind, let’s run through the various methods of “revirginizing” your iPhone.

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The Keynote Line

The queue has already begun for tomorrow's event.