Burning man means something totally different for iPod user, iPhone challengers, competitors crank out a response, QuickTime flaw fixed, iPod touch hits Japan & more.

Apple Addresses iMac Lockup Problems

Apple says its working on a fix for iMacs with screen lockup problems.

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October could be a big month for Apple, with Leopard finally hitting shelves and the iPhone heading north to Canada. Of course, none of this is official...yet.

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iPod Deathclock

How long until your iPod leaves this mortal coil.

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Apple gains more presence on the Internet, Nike and Apple are named in lawsuit and notMac challenge wants to save you $99.

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Making calls like it's 1997.

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Update-phobia is sweeping the iPhone nation, while sue-aholics are doing just fine.

Details on new processors you might see in new Macs. Plus, iPhone users are talking lawsuit, impulse iTunes shopping at Starbucks starts tomorrow, and Boot Camp 1.2 expired yesterday.

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iPhone Unlock Code MIA

Even legitimate unlocks are unavailable.

The iPhone 1.1.1 update leaves unlocked iPhones unusable. Plus, Apple grabs a lawyer from Oracle, and Kathy Griffin reveals the truth about her relationship with Woz.