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A few non-iPhone tidbits came up today - new version of FileMaker, anyone? - but for the most part, it's all iPhone news all the time, including rumors of a budget model.

You could call today Rumor Monday, because there's plenty of speculation going around - rumors that are juicy enough to talk about on your new iPhone.

Strong iPhone demand drives Apple stock to all-time high, rumor has it that only three European nations will get it first, hackers hit the iPhone, and more.

Unconfirmed reports say that Apple sold more iPhones than anyone expected - waaay more. Plus, get started on those iPhone apps, Universal Music Group tussles with Apple, and more.

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If your idea of "better" equates to "more expensive," then yes: The domain name cost more than iPhone sales estimates keep rising, along with the list of the iPhone's missing features. And more.

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iPhone Rollout: East-Coast Notes

Thousands of miles from Cupertino and San Francisco, the iPhone rollout still drew enthusiastic crowds.  "You know how big iPhone is going to be?" one of my co-workers posed earlier this week. "My son, who doesn't have a penny to his name, is going to wait on line to buy one, pay whatever the monthly bill is, and - he has a Nokia phone that's good through August - pay a fee to break his contract."

The iPhone dominates the news today - surprised? Dig in for an onslaught of iPhone links and articles - some of it enlightening, such as the price of an iPhone battery replacement

We unwrap and set up our brand new iPhone. And then the unexpected happens.

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Despite fears of iPhone shortages, it seemed that the hundreds of people in line could count on striking iPhone gold on Friday night. We certainly did - watch our video and share the excitement.

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Last month, the word on the street was that the Mac mini was on its last legs. Silver Mac, for example, said that - at best - it was to be replaced by a new low-end model, and AppleInsider believed "in all sincerity" that the Mac mini was dead. The smart money was on its demise, and that it would be replaced largely by the Apple TV.