Sick of the surfeit of endless, endless iPhone chatter? Oh, no, not yet you aren't! There's also trouble on the horizon for manufacturers brave enough to challenge the iPhone.

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iPhone: Just a Few More Hours to Go

iPhone line builds, along with anticipation, at downtown San Francisco Apple Store. Many plan to meet the two-phones-per-person limit.

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A small but merry band of iPhone hopefuls smile away the hours in line Thursday night in front of the San Francisco flagship Apple Store. Come say "Howdy."

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It's almost iPhone day! And some other stuff is going on too, such as an FCS2 update and a firmware update for SuperDrives in MacBooks and MacBook Pros, but ... it's almost iPhone day!

Finally, some hands-on iPhone reviews are hitting the Web, and they're generally positive - although there are, of course, some naysayers. Plus, more iPhone details emerge and the Mac vs. PC debate inspires a rap video.

10 Things You Didn't Know about Web 2.0

Quite a bit of the Web 2.0 universe is teenybopper flash in the pan, but there's a heck of a lot that's fun and useful for grown-ups, as well - and we've got it all.

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Sixty bucks'll buy the least expensive of three iPhone service plans - and all include unlimited data. You'll use iTunes to activate your iPhone. More Leopard features leak, including some ZFS support. Plus more iPhone buzz!

iPhone Friday is just four days away - and that means four more days of the media saying how the iPhone will revolutionize communications. Oh, and there's also some Mac news you can actually use.

It's all iPhone, all the time, these days - and there are even some actual facts emerging amidst the punditry. Plus, your G3-based-Mac's days are numbered and video gaming may be a mental disorder.

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Hands-on looks at the latest Leopard build are hitting the Net -- as is the OS itself. Mac OS 10.4.10 is released. Brian Eno makes 77 Million Paintings with his Macs. And more of today's news.