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Move bug found in Leopard, Asus claims Apple is working on Tablet and the iPhone takes on unemployment.

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Screen Saver is Watching You

SurveillanceSaver uses surveillance cameras worldwide as screen saver.

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Software Update iTunes Style

Fire up Software Update, it's time for updated iTunes and Quicktime.

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iPhone 1.1.2 in UK, SNL's secret iPhone crush and the open source world of Android.

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Why can't Time Machine back up to an AirPort Disk? What's up with .Mac's Sync maintenance taking so long? Is the iPhone really an invention? And more things to ponder in today's headlines.

A fix is now available that addresses a system language bug for Leopard users.

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Apple upgraded the MacBook and MacBook Pro with no announcement at all. A security risk surfaces on (where else?) porn sites. Another awesome Woz interview. And more of today's headlines.

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Trojan Horse Security Alert

Intego issues critical warning.

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Leopard Laughs at Network PCs

Leopard's network browse reveals how some people feel about Windows.

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Blue Glow iChat

 The missing iChat hologram effect has been resurrected from an early Leopard build.