Leopard news dominates Monday's headlines. Plus, MacBook rumors, no gift cards for iPhones, and NBC complains about iTunes.

Apple running user-made iPod touch ads, Dell serves up a heaping help of “nice try,” Ed Burns’ iTunes flick debut, Warner Brothers rumored to be moving beyond iTunes, and more.

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Your Cash is No Good Here

Apple Stores no longer accepting cash for iPhone.

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Set Phasers on Rad

Trekkies show their love on Apple products.

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Find out what the pundits are saying about Leopard, how long it will be before Apple's moving 45 million iPhones per year, how to crack open a third-gen iPod nano, and more.

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Apple estimates 250,000 iPhones were purchased for the intention of unlocking and Apple takes the top spot in reliability.

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Happy Birthday iPod

Our little guy turns six today. They grow up so fast.

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Apple stockholders should very happy with yesterday's news and the iPhone unlock code is released.

Apple Q4: $904 Million Profit

Apple announced this afternoon that the company posted revenue of $6.22 billion and net quarterly profit of $904 million.

How much money did Apple make this past quarter? You can find out this afternoon.