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10 Worst Apple Commercials

Apple commercials that should have been left on the cutting room floor.

The SEC wants to talk to Jobs about the recent stock option scandal. Plus, Intel says 2008 is the year for WiMAX, the iPhone arrives in France, and NBC thinks it can compete with iTunes (OK, OK, you can stop giggling).

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Woz and D-Lister Engaged?

Is it wedding bells for Steve Wozniak and Kathy Griffin?

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Apple and T-Mobile announce exclusive partnership in Germany for the iPhone.

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Europe Gets iPhone

Apple announces UK iPhone release details. Plus, iPhone 3G rumors, iPod nano costs, and more.

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iPhones for the UK, coming tomorrow, maybe. The iPod touch isn't as easy as it's iPhone brother to hack. Why pay for unlocking when you can get for free?

Former Apple CFO presses the Palm [sorry], while iPhone credits start today amid continuing skepticism and locking out the unlockers looms. Plus: iPod obsolescence and more.

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See the video in all its blurry glory.

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iPod touch in the Wild

Apple Stores have iPod touch in stock ahead of schedule.

Is the September 18 shindig in London for the European iPhone? Plus, Apple has new software for music production, there's a new QuickTime update, and can you guess what product is cooler than the iPod?