The rock and roll legend's new album is on iTunes. And how could we not end the week without iPhone news?

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Analysts have more predictions about the iPhone, iTunes Store to link with Bebo, Apple Stores smashing their goals, and more of today's news.

The prospect of Safari for Windows is raising eyebrows (and ire), while the new Safari for Mac raises questions and bug reports. Plus, developers are none too happy with iPhone limitations, more keynote questions answered, and more.

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Reactions to Monday's keynote are mixed, but mostly unenthusiastic. Analysts spout off on whether Safari's release for Windows will encourage switchers, or not. And there are only 17 more days until the iPhone launches!

At this morning's WWDC keynote, Steve Jobs provided few new Leopard details, introduced Safari for Windows (yawn), and threw developers an iPhone bone. We're both underwhelmed and impressed.

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WWDC 2007: Quick Updates

Quick hits of the WWDC developments as the Keynote progresses, to be followed by more in-depth analysis later today.

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Investors and brokerage firms join the iPhone hysteria as programmer types converge on San Francisco for Apple's annual developers' confab - hopefully, some say, to hear more about the iPhone. Oh, and then there's Leopard.

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All the obsessive iPhone and WWDC tidbits you can stomach, the ZFS file system is coming to Leopard, and there's now powdered alcohol you could bring on a plane.

Fuel Cells: Laptop Power in a Bottle

Dead batteries may be soon a thing of the past thanks to refillable fuel cells.

More details emerge about the new MacBook Pros and their Windows competition, iPhone ruminations heat up, Intel announces two important developments, and the iTunes Visualizer is out to get you.