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Google loves armchair mapmakers, the AP poo-poos the Apple TV, effects of the EMI announcement, and more.

The 8-core Mac Pro we've all expected is now available, Greenpeace ranks Apple as least-green computer maker (again), Google Desktop for the Mac is now avaiable in beta form, WEP is insecure, Steve Jobs isn't, and more.

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The European Union wants to know why some of its citizens have to pay more on iTunes. Lots of people are smiling about the EMI-Apple announcement. Environmentalists still aren't happy with Apple's stubborn refusal to go green. And more.

Premium-quality music on iTunes, and Mac OS 10.5 at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. Plus, the wacky Google folks, USB on Apple TV, and more.

From the basic structure to master slides, graphs, and multimedia, we walk you through the steps for making your Keynote presentations great - no reality-distortion field required.

One great American pastime meets another as iTunes goes big for baseball. Plus, Office for Mac goes (private) beta, and for really and truly: an iPhone release date.

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Apple rolls out changes to Boot Camp and the iTunes Store, Dvorak says the iPhone will crash and burn, and Apple may be unhacking hacked hardware.

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Worldwide sales of MP3 players are expected to double by 2011, and Apple will get at least a quarter of that pie. Apple's been named as a patent infringer for building Bluetooth into its computers. Plus: Leopard haters and the MacBook's bad rap keep getting worse.

More details emerge about Adobe's new CS3, some folks think Leopard will have a 3D interface, Apple catches some slack in the EU, new Macs may have been leaked, and Steve Ballmer still doesn't get it.