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Rumors!!! - Episode 3

A video rundown of the past week's Apple rumors.

Apple about to take Nokia to task for its upcoming s60 touchscreen model while NBC completes its migration from iTunes to netflix, a raft of Leopard activity and much, much more.

A Touching Ad

We mean the good kind of touching, not the "show me where he touched you on this doll" kind of touching.

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Mac|Life reader, Peter Weisz, tipped us on an undocumented option within Leopard's Time Machine application. According to the documentation, "Once Time Machine has been set up, it’s a snap to zoom back and alter exercise prices, revise board minutes, or whatever you need to do to avoid annoying SEC scrutiny." Check out the "screen grab" below for the full set of options available to the small business.  Click to enlarge  

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AT&T's CEO spills the 3G beans. Several sites offer Leopard tips. A German cell company is subsidizing unlocked iPhones. And more of today's headlines.

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France's unlocked iPhone is cheaper than Germany's, plus a Steve video clip from 60 Minutes.

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Newton Dominos

You gotta do something with all those Newton modems.Updated: Learn the story behind the video. 

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Wheel rims with Apple logo in center
The iPod set benchmarks for product usability, aesthetics and cultural cachet -- and then the iPhone proved that Apple's design mojo could strike twice. So, what could Apple possibly deliver next? Mac|Life imagines the future of Apple hardware design in the form of four product fauxtotypes.

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Steve becomes the most powerful person in business, while Greenpeace gives Apple props for trying to love the environment.

It's Cyber Monday, which means you're shopping online at work when you should be working. But you have to act now in order to take advantage of Apple's free shipping.