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Free Shipping at Apple Store and iPod touch finally reaches VoIP, kinda.

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Which Steve though, is up for grabs.

While Apple celebrates the unveiling of its West 14th Street Apple Store in NYC, CompUSA employees are working on their resumes.

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1956 issue of magazine predicts Mac|Life Squidget.

Hall of Fame gets a Jobs while the iPhone [good] news just doesn’t stop. Plus, books move to iPods and touchscreen iMacs. Oh yeah.

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Rumored iPhone firmware coming soon and Apple shares to reach for the stars.

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GameTap on Mac

Ready, Fight!  While we patiently await the arrival of Guitar Hero III for Mac. We have the introduction of GameTap for Mac to curb our gaming addiction. For those unaware of the GameTap premise, it's essentially an online library of games that you can play directly from your computer. Windows users have been enjoying the service for some time and starting today, Mac users can join in on the fun.

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iWork gains 16 percent of Office market and Apple gives San Diego youths iPods.

Deep Tech - Multicore Management

Last month, this space was filled with news about Nehalem, Intel’s next generation of super-tiny, power-miserly, über-muscular, multicored processors. (If you missed my musings, you can find them on the Intertubes here). Among the many advances of this data-wrestling wonder will be its ability to process two simultaneous streams of data and instructions - also known as threads - through each of its cores. In its first incarnation, Nehalem will have up to eight cores, so we’re talking 16 threads coursing through this baby in a process called Simultaneous Multi-Threading (SMT).