New virtualization technologies may put pressure on Apple to allow PCs to run Mac OS X.

From dissaffected garage mechanic to savior of the entire planet, our here Tommy has a tough row to hoe. Aspyr has released a demo version of Prey, a first-person shooter based upon the story of Tommy, a going-nowhere Cherokee youth. His life's a dead end, he's abandoned his Native American heritage, and he's in an existential funk - basically, he's a nobody going nowhere. 

Before this morning's news, had you ever heard of a Silicon Valley company named Opti? Neither had we.

As the euphoria induced by the iPhone's cool factor wears off, some questions emerge.

Apple's Market Share: Up or Down?

Don't get caught up in rumors - the truth is that Apple's on a roll.

Sony and Canon Announce Low-Cost Digital Cameras

Even after the holidays and CES, inexpensive digital cameras continue to appear.

Apple's Q1 Financial Report Indicates Strong Growth

Steve Jobs: "We are incredibly pleased to report record quarterly revenue of over $7 billion and record earnings of $1 billion."

QuickTime Wins Emmy

The National Television Academy awarded Apple a technical Emmy for its QuickTime streaming technology.

Did Apple have a successful holiday shopping season? We'll find out this afternoon.

G'Bye, Apple Computer

It's taken over 15 years, but Apple has finally admitted that they're not just a computer company.