Free online video will kill online video sales, says a study. Plus, MacBook upgrade rumors, Fake Steve Jobs' identity is revealed - or not, and more.

iPhone: Will It Be the Next Newton?

Will Apple apply the lessons it learned from the Newton MessagePad's slow burn into obsolescence to the way the company markets and develops its much-anticipated smartphone?

Study warns pacemaker users about iPod use, iPods (and other media players) draw another lawsuit, Apple sits on 9.9 percent of U.S. laptop sales, and more.

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Apple shareholders want more green (both kinds) at tonight's meeting, a glimpse at a multi-sided iPod with touch controls, a 3D candy printer, and more.

Intel's release of its Santa Rosa laptop platform inspires MacBook rumors, iPhone projected to sell 25 million units, smart is sexy, Bill Gates states the obvious, and more.

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Mac users surfing the 'Net have more than doubled since last summer. Bad news for prospective iPhone buyers: AT&T isn't likely to offer rebates. Plus: More Apple and tech news.

Are the next MacBooks going to use LED-lit screens? Looks like it. Plus, everyone's getting ready for the iPhone, ten reasons to love/hate Apple, M.C. Hammer is coming to a Web browser near you, and more.

Something rotten in Denmark as iBook flaws uncovered, Steve Jobs's salary and why we won’t play paycheck poker with him, iPod remotes, and more.

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More developments in the stock-options situation, Greenpeace responds to Apple's plan for environmentally friendly operations, game news, and more.

Ask the Experts: Eight New Answers to Eight New Questions

Our experts weigh in on your questions about upgrading to the latest version of AirPort, Software Update, Parallels Desktop for Mac, iMovie and iDVD, and more.