Right in under the wire Apple bites back with Black Hat iPhone patches, Mr. Jobs’ wild stock ride on rumors of cuts in iPod line, and Microsoft makes nice with Mac-friendly fun.

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Just as Apple announced that it has sold 3 billion songs on the iTunes Store, rapper Eminem is suing Apple for selling his music without his permission. Meanwhile, more iPhone battery complaints surface along with news of the first iPhone update. And there's a whole lot more!

Apple sued over the iPhone's battery, and someone found a list inside the iPhone of potential new iPhone apps. Plus, add an external hard drive to your AppleTV, and the Woz wants to sell you a car.

As Black Hat convention closes in, hackers plan on highlighting iPhone flaws, stolen iPod round-up, some cool stuff to back up your iTunes and did we already mentioned Mac sales are up too?

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The third-quarter results are in, and record-setting Mac sales lead the charge. We sum up the reactions from around the Net, as well as the speculation about what's in store for the current quarter.

The numbers from Apple's conference call announcing the company's third quarter 2007 results.

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The iPhone launch-weekend numbers didn't live up to the hype, but Apple will report its Q3 2007 earnings today, and many other numbers are expected to be strong. Today's news roundup has more.

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Previously giddy analysts take a step back from wild speculation on June iPhone sales as Apple share price falls. BlackHat attendees will get a detailed overview of the iPhone security flaw revealed yesterday. But there's still a lot to love about the iPhone.

A security group says hackers can take over your iPhone - if you're not careful. Plus, the Apple faithful expect big numbers during Wednesday's third quarter results announcement, and Duke University says Cisco, not Apple, is to blame for its network woes.

The casual games community is growing on the Mac, thanks to easy to use tools and lively online communities.