Apple is involved in yet another lawsuit, this one involving its MacBook displays. Plus, an update to the Apple memo scandal that sent the company's stock tumbling last week, Woz speakers, and more.

21 Outlandish Apps - Download Now!

One lone developer upholds the grand tradition of apps that are fun, irreverent, and "159% free." From rude noises to quaking displays to the actually useful - we've got 21 of 'em, and they're all free downloads.

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The iPhone is approved for release by the feds. One final kitten will be born into Apple's litter of Tigers. And the future will be illuminated with brighter LEDs. All the news that's fit to click.

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Investors are angry about yesterday's false story about the delay of the iPhone and Mac OS 10.5, Leopard. Plus, Amazon discounts old- and new-model MacBooks, and Apple wants to keep your notebook from getting stolen.

Microsoft releases a beta version of a Windows-to-Mac Word-file converter, Amazon is set to offer DRM-free music, more iPhone and MacBook news surfaces, and a whole lot more.

Apple Upgrades MacBook

The MacBook gets a new processor, speedy 802.11n wireless, and more. But if you were waiting for higher-end features, keep waiting - for the next MacBook Pro.

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By now you've heard that MacBooks got an update. In other Apple news: Check out a new crop of video hardware that could show up in future Macs. Consider another iPhone-to-iPod comparison. And find out who Microsoft's targeting next.

Free online video will kill online video sales, says a study. Plus, MacBook upgrade rumors, Fake Steve Jobs' identity is revealed - or not, and more.

iPhone: Will It Be the Next Newton?

Will Apple apply the lessons it learned from the Newton MessagePad's slow burn into obsolescence to the way the company markets and develops its much-anticipated smartphone?

Study warns pacemaker users about iPod use, iPods (and other media players) draw another lawsuit, Apple sits on 9.9 percent of U.S. laptop sales, and more.