More Leopard screenshots surface, Apple and Google plan more partnerships (spelling trouble for Microsoft), Adobe CS3 delayed until spring, and more.

Apple Updates iTunes, QuickTime

QuickTime 7.1.5 fixes bugs and patches security holes, while iTunes 7.1 gets ready for Apple TV.

Microsoft considered killing Mac Office. Plus, Apple makes two more lists, developers get a new Leopard build, and more.

The virtualization software struggle heats up with no fewer than two new offerings, Electronic Arts gets musical, Apple patents injection molded shell, Lehman Brothers upgrades & more.

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Dubious techniques used to manipulate Digg, eBay, and other feedback-based sites, Mac sales see a dramatic jump over last year, Sony debuts its nano-killer hopeful, and more.

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Apple COO Tim Cook is confident that the iPhone's June release won't slip. Find out what happens when you secretly replace a Windows machine with a Mac. Plus: iTunes' clobbers competitors, Woz spouts off in Japan, and Apple gets sued (again).

The big cat crawls closer, one analyst has an interesting idea about how music should be distributed, BitTorrent joins the movie-download party, Ms. Pac Man comes to your iPod, and more.

Apple TV Delayed Until March

Apple's home entertainment box won't make its February deadline.

On the day after the Oscars, the buzz on is all about the iPhone. What did you think of the commercial? Was it enough to convince you to plunk down $500?

Ask the Experts: Nine New Answers to Nine of Your Questions

Our experts weigh in on your questions about magnets, audio controls, replacements for favorite Mac OS 9 applications, film conversion and more.