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Is Europe finally getting its iPhone fix? More images of the new iPod nano surface in all their fuzzy glory. Can the marketing for a computer cause an eating disorder? If you're wondering what Ursa Minor looks like from your house, Google has you covered.

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People keep buying iPhones - and one analyst estimates Apple will easily sell 800,000 smartphones this quarter. All those iPhone owners are also finding it easier to hack their iPhones. Wal-Mart is offering DRM-free music, and AOL is launching its own online music store. Plus: How fast can the Woz drive in his Prius?

EA finally makes good on its promise to enter the Mac market. Plus, cranberry iPod nanos, another person who's pissed about the iPhone battery, and tomatoes and blueberries should be a regular part of your daily diet.

Steve Jobs gets paid, big time, by flexing a little option muscle while iPod trading irregularities leaves exec looking at possible jail time, another nail in printed medias coffin shapes up with eBooks on iPhones, and a crushed MacBook Pro. Just for fun.

Electronic Arts breaks its promise to ship its Mac versions of its new games at the same time as its PC and console versions. Plus, Steve Jobs buys some stock, Quicken 2008 for Mac is not dead, and a study proves that soap is just soap.

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We all shine on...on iTunes, that is. Make Skype calls on an iPhone. Check out new Leopard screenshots. And more of today's news.

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Complaints about iMovie '08's flaws are mounting. Hackers have successfully gotten Leopard to run on non-Apple hardware, while other hackers totally unlocked the iPhone (totally). And more.

How to use those new keys on your aluminum keyboard. Plus, the battle over the iPhone name is gearing up in Europe, wasteful iPhone bills, and a TV that puts the "high" in high definition.

UMG blasts one across the bow of Apple in the digital music download war. Plus, an iTunes widget for your Web site, and a dog with two noses.

Apple's new iMac already has a security patch. There are also updates for the Mac Pro and Boot Camp users. And Apple hopes you're willing to drop Microsoft Office for iWork '08.