On the day after the Oscars, the buzz on is all about the iPhone. What did you think of the commercial? Was it enough to convince you to plunk down $500?

Ask the Experts: Nine New Answers to Nine of Your Questions

Our experts weigh in on your questions about magnets, audio controls, replacements for favorite Mac OS 9 applications, film conversion and more.

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An analyst predicts that the iPhone and the Mac will merge. Europeans to get a 3G iPhone by early 2008. Pondering Apple without Steve. Another analyst's take on the Apple TV. Microsoft has to pay. And more!

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The legal battle over the iPhone trademark is over, and Apple and Cisco are as cozy as peas in a pod...for now. Plus, surprising uses for your iPod, Office alternatives from Google, and more.

Rationally exuberant Prudential upgrades Apple while DB analyst sees the end of DVDs as we know them. Plus: Quantum Research mulls another suit and Apple opens one more store.

Steve Jobs lays the blame for bad schools on teachers' unions, Leopard release-date rumors surface, Microsoft admits Vista disappointment, Nikon release new cameras, and a whole lot more.

Have you asked our experts a question recently? Was it about iCal? Menu bar icons? iTunes? Something else? Check out this week's answers, and take another step toward Mac mastery.

Apple’s deadline to respond to Cisco suit extended. Again. While peanut gallery commentary from Macrovision CEO on DRM makes more the merrier, and new spy software taps your inner James Bond.

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Apple eyes another area of living room entertainment, games; new MacBooks and MacBook Pros may be coming soon; and the AirPort Extreme is put to the test.

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New research warns that Vista could bite into Apple's market share - but there's a silver lining. Gird yourself for podcast ads. Get ready for Apple TV. And happy V-Day!