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New features predicted for flash-memory-only iPods, reactions to Steve Jobs's thoughts on digital music, and another round of "My OS is better than yours!"

Microsoft's Mac Business Unit Turns 10

A few creative members of the MacBU, as Microsoft's Mac Business Unit is called, find a unique way to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.

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Pedestrians could get fined for using an iPod or cell phone as they cross NY streets, Amazon says its video download service is coming "soon," Aussies to get their very own Apple Stores, and more.

We take the wraps off of Apple's new wireless access point. Come see the pictures!

The blogosphere reacts to the Wal-Mart deal, Windows Vista, Bill Gates's "lies," the origin of the name "Apple," how video games are good for your eyesight, and more.

Steve Jobs Calls for the End of DRM Music

Can you imagine a world where your digital music had no restrictions? Steve Jobs can.

Wal-Mart Launches iTunes Store Competitor

With 3,000 films and TV shows available for $1.96 to $19.88, Wal-Mart challenges the iTunes Store's current dominance.

Corel Releases Painter X

The top painting application for the Mac gets an upgrade.

Apple and Cisco try to work things out, iTunes and Vista don't play nice, and more news to start the week.

Apple Inc. Settles with Apple Corps

The third time is apparently the charm in the long-running dispute between Apple and the Beatles.