Apple’s deadline to respond to Cisco suit extended. Again. While peanut gallery commentary from Macrovision CEO on DRM makes more the merrier, and new spy software taps your inner James Bond.

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Apple eyes another area of living room entertainment, games; new MacBooks and MacBook Pros may be coming soon; and the AirPort Extreme is put to the test.

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New research warns that Vista could bite into Apple's market share - but there's a silver lining. Gird yourself for podcast ads. Get ready for Apple TV. And happy V-Day!

Yahoo and Monster Cable agree with Jobs about DRM, the iPhone is shaking up the mobile-phone world, Beatles tunes will not be exclusive to iTunes, and more.

You ask. We answer. This week we respond to your questions and tell you how to make multi-page PDF files, which iMacs take which AirPort cards, the difference between a Core 2 Duo and a Centrino, and more.

Steve Jobs's stock option problems won't go away, but at least we get to watch The Boys from Brazil on our iPod.

EMI seriously considers the death of DRM while pundits position Apple TV as possible gaming platform and Windows expert Scot Finnie makes it official, winner by knockout: the Mac!

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New features predicted for flash-memory-only iPods, reactions to Steve Jobs's thoughts on digital music, and another round of "My OS is better than yours!"

Microsoft's Mac Business Unit Turns 10

A few creative members of the MacBU, as Microsoft's Mac Business Unit is called, find a unique way to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.

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Pedestrians could get fined for using an iPod or cell phone as they cross NY streets, Amazon says its video download service is coming "soon," Aussies to get their very own Apple Stores, and more.