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All the obsessive iPhone and WWDC tidbits you can stomach, the ZFS file system is coming to Leopard, and there's now powdered alcohol you could bring on a plane.

Fuel Cells: Laptop Power in a Bottle

Dead batteries may be soon a thing of the past thanks to refillable fuel cells.

More details emerge about the new MacBook Pros and their Windows competition, iPhone ruminations heat up, Intel announces two important developments, and the iTunes Visualizer is out to get you.

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Pro-level Apple notebooks get pro-level processors and other upgrades (but no change in industrial design). Still, the refresh doesn't dampen the ever-louder iPhone buzz.

Now that we have a release date, expect the media to go crazy (crazier..?) with iPhone coverage. Plus, Bono's in bed with Palm, calling all COBOL programmers, and more.

iPhone Rollout Will Be on June 29th

Finally, we have a firm date for the iPhone's release.

Apple is now offering DRM-free tunes at both a higher bit rate - 256Kbps versus 128Kbps - and a higher cost - $1.29 versus $0.99. But does the higher bit rate even matter? Testing shows that ... well ... read for yourself.

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Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, aka WWDC, is right around the corner, and the 'Net is buzzing with speculation: What will be revealed in Steve Jobs's June 11th keynote?

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Apple TV gets a bigger hard drive and YouTube content. More from the D Conference. iTunes Plus tracks know who you are. And more.

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Microsoft's multi-touch tabletop computer wows all (though original, it ain't). iTunes Plus service debuts with DRM-free tracks from EMI. New MacBook Pros called a near certainty. And more.