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The latest crop of Mac|Life reviews is now available here on Check out our experts' opinions on the Apple TV, Photoshop Lightroom 1.0, Canon's PowerShot G7, and more. A whole lot more...

Apple has released a battery-fixing update for MacBooks and MacBook Pros, the Mac market is growing, Apple TV is now available at Costco, a decapitated goat, and more.

Apple amps up search for DRM-free tunes while the iPhone appears poised to cruise in on schedule and kids are using iPods for that extra-special academic edge.

Apple announces its biggest Q2 ever, and the iPod's dominance continues. Plus, the MPAA's new stance on DVD movies, and Reebok's upcoming Voltron shoes.

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Find out more about the flaw in QuickTime that allowed a hacker to commandeer a MacBook Pro. Take a look at a new brand survey that ranks Apple 7th (behind Sony, HP, and Dell). And fill up on more Apple and tech news!

The iPhone, some predict, will be a roaring success, but will the corporate world shun it? Subscriptions may be coming to the iTunes Store, Intel's chip plans excite, and we're all getting older.

Hackers use a Java exploit to win $10,000, the SEC goes after a former Apple lawyer, your friendly neighborhood web-slinger hits the stage, and more.

A new security update comes to the rescue while Apple improves positioning with regards to record companies on the DRM issue, cool gadgetry arrives, and Microsoft sings a song of iPhones.

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The IRS extends its deadline for anyone whose TurboTax upload crashed, Macs gain market share, digital-music sales growing fast, how to stop spam, and more.

The iPhone rumor mill churns away - but life goes on. There's also good news from Intel (and bad), a big sale at the iTunes Store, new Adobe beta software, a shortened WWDC keynote, and more