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Worldwide sales of MP3 players are expected to double by 2011, and Apple will get at least a quarter of that pie. Apple's been named as a patent infringer for building Bluetooth into its computers. Plus: Leopard haters and the MacBook's bad rap keep getting worse.

More details emerge about Adobe's new CS3, some folks think Leopard will have a 3D interface, Apple catches some slack in the EU, new Macs may have been leaked, and Steve Ballmer still doesn't get it.

Adobe Announces Creative Suite 3

In one of the most comprehensive product announcements in memory, Adobe today announced all the applications, features, services, and bundles of the long-awaited upgrade of its Creative Suite. Here are all of its elements, configurations, and prices.

More Apple TV news than you can stand. Plus, the king of CEOs, Leopard will be on time, and more.

Follow along with us as we set up the Apple TV and get our first impressions.

October pushback for OS X 10.5? Taiwan says so. And Starz sues Disney over iTunes video while Symantec claim Windows is a "safer" OS.

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Play Star Wars: Empire at War for free. Get the scoop on Apple's Vegas event. Filter your music collection. And more.

Say Hello to the Software Vault!

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Lots of buzz today about the Apple TV, including the first review (by some guy at the Journal named Mossberg). Meanwhile, security researchers don't know why there's so little malicious software developed for Mac OS X (but we think we've got an idea). Plus: Check out the latest "iPhone killer" from China.

Better late than never - the Apple TV has arrived. Also, there are rumors of an impending upgrade to the iMac, Apple's exceeding estimates, and a whole lot more.