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Apple's growth outpaces the rest of the industry three to one. Flash memory and LED displays are being gobbled up. And cool new functions are coming to an iPod or iPhone near you.

Folks at the iPhone Dev Wiki claim to have an iPhone partially unlocked, and a security group says to watch out for phone numbers on iPhone Web pages. Plus, a photographer says Apple stole his pictures, a jealous Sony CEO calls Steve Jobs "greedy," and more.

Sandlot Games talks about its new Mac games at the CGA Casual Connect event in Seattle.

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Rumors fly that new iMacs, iPods, and maybe even iLife will launch the first week of August. Steve Jobs is No. 1 supergeek in the world of digital music. Suppliers are vying for a piece of the iPhone pie. Apple Stores sell lots and lots of stuff. And more!

High expectations for Apple's quarterly results, and the iPhone stays in the news. Plus, one blog's theory on the identity of Fake Steve Jobs.

There's a lot of FUD being spread about the iPhone battery - and it's time to correct the misconceptions. Plus, an Apple patent reveals new features for iLife and iWork, a firmware update for the 15-inch MacBook Pro, and NASA gets excited about the "Endeavor."

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Now that world peace has been won, the Middle East is tranquil, and every American is employed, our government turns to other matters - such as whether Apple is playing fair with the iPhone. Plus, more tasty rumors.

Remember yesterday's rumor about a low-priced iPhone coming Real Soon Now? Well, forget it. But other rumors are ready to replace it: a mini-MacBook pro and a new touch-screen iPod. Oh, and then there's that blender...

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A few non-iPhone tidbits came up today - new version of FileMaker, anyone? - but for the most part, it's all iPhone news all the time, including rumors of a budget model.

You could call today Rumor Monday, because there's plenty of speculation going around - rumors that are juicy enough to talk about on your new iPhone.