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Complaints about iMovie '08's flaws are mounting. Hackers have successfully gotten Leopard to run on non-Apple hardware, while other hackers totally unlocked the iPhone (totally). And more.

How to use those new keys on your aluminum keyboard. Plus, the battle over the iPhone name is gearing up in Europe, wasteful iPhone bills, and a TV that puts the "high" in high definition.

UMG blasts one across the bow of Apple in the digital music download war. Plus, an iTunes widget for your Web site, and a dog with two noses.

Apple's new iMac already has a security patch. There are also updates for the Mac Pro and Boot Camp users. And Apple hopes you're willing to drop Microsoft Office for iWork '08.

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The iMac is queen for a day - knocking the iPhone off its throne, if only temporarily - after Tuesday's unveiling of Apple's new all-in-one line. A few frank comments about new and updated iLife apps put things in perspective. The Mac mini is not dead. And that's not all...

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We've seen the new iMacs and, yes, we want one. Take a look at the way Apple has redesigned its all-in-one computer line. Plus: A humongous software bonus in the form of iLife and iWork '08!

The new iMacs are finally here, along with rumors of iPhone ingenuity, iPhone lawsuits, and Amazon investing in DRM-free music?

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Apple is expected to unveil redesigned iMacs at a press event on Tuesday. Hackers making progress unlocking the iPhone, Secret Diary of Steve Jobs author revealed, virtual beer, and more.

With the possibility of Google’s answer to the iPhone not far behind, Microsoft eases iPhone action and Nokia tries to tune out iTunes.

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Don't plan on Office 2008 until...well, 2008. Apple is testing another Tiger update. Modify your iPhone without haxxor skillz. And more, in today's news roundup.