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A Mac fanatic argues convincingly for a May 11 Leopard release. A Sony Ericsson exec insists that people want real buttons on their smartphones. A Pennsylvania university goes Mac-only - and much more.

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The Apple TV's arrival seems imminent, analysts go wild over the far-reaching possibilities for the iPhone's multi-touch control scheme, and other news of the day.

  Nasha encounters numerous types of sea life, but also fantastical creatures inspired from the sea. As she travels through the corridors and caverns of her underwater world she can manipulate aspects of that world through song. She can do this through a circular tool feature (reminding one of the Neverwinter Nights’ UI toolset). Players click on Nasha, then click on musical notes in different order. This create songs which change Nasha and affect her environment. Each musical note is just a visual image; there is no text associated with the image, so there is no distraction from the rest of the game.

Apple working on a flash-enabled sub-notebook? And a flash-based video iPod? BofA believes so. Plus: EU Chief backs off biting Apple, and a Cricket iPod? Natch. Oh, and Happy Pi Day!

Mac OS 10.4.9 Released

The latest - and possibly last - update to Mac OS 10.4 Tiger has been released - fire up Software Update, and get to it!

The iPhone goes King Kong all over the New York Apple Store while analysts turn a jaundiced eye on iPhone-sales projections of 10 million phones sold. Plus: Octo-Core Mac Pro leak? Seems like it.

Intel releases new low-power quad-core Xeon processors and flash-based hard drives. Plus, the European Union continues its fight against iTunes, Apple's getting ready for the Apple TV, and more.

More stuff that'll show up on the Mac...eventually.

Have you got your Mac ready for Daylight Saving Time yet? We show you how. Plus, more flash-based notebook rumors, iPhone fallout, updates, Photoshop announcements, and more.

 There's an odd contrdiction here at the Game Developers Conference. There's a obvious Mac presence in the form of people using Macs. It feels like about a third of the crowd here is using a Mac notebook, mostly iBooks and PowerBooks, but there are some MacBooks around. Considering the Mac's small stature in the games market, it's surprising to see this many Macs. At the same time, several people we spoke to are both surprised and disappointed that there aren't more games for the Mac. Some people felt that the introduction of the Intel Mac would open up the Mac as a gaming platform, but the first Intel Mac was released well over a year ago, and we're still waiting for that rush of games we were hoping for. And, of course, we hear over and over again, "I use a Windows box only for work, but I have a Mac at home," or "I would buy a Mac if I didn't have to use a Windows box for work."