Have you got your Mac ready for Daylight Saving Time yet? We show you how. Plus, more flash-based notebook rumors, iPhone fallout, updates, Photoshop announcements, and more.

 There's an odd contrdiction here at the Game Developers Conference. There's a obvious Mac presence in the form of people using Macs. It feels like about a third of the crowd here is using a Mac notebook, mostly iBooks and PowerBooks, but there are some MacBooks around. Considering the Mac's small stature in the games market, it's surprising to see this many Macs. At the same time, several people we spoke to are both surprised and disappointed that there aren't more games for the Mac. Some people felt that the introduction of the Intel Mac would open up the Mac as a gaming platform, but the first Intel Mac was released well over a year ago, and we're still waiting for that rush of games we were hoping for. And, of course, we hear over and over again, "I use a Windows box only for work, but I have a Mac at home," or "I would buy a Mac if I didn't have to use a Windows box for work."

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Make your own Apple rumor, potential Apple-Google collaborations, alternate Mail icons, and more.

Sony unveils a new online virtual world. Ho hum.

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Inventories are running low, so rumors and speculation are running high. Also, Apple's CFO talks a lot but says little, and more random-access Apple and tech news.

 The growth of the Mac market has caught the attention of the gaming industry. At the Game Developer Conference 2007 in San Francisco, several developers showed off games and gaming gadgets that will find their way to the Mac market. Here's a preview of three upcoming product on display at the GDC. 

Keyspan's TuneView: Recently Reviewed, Now Updated

When Mac|Life reviewed the TuneView iPod remote in its April issue, it received a "Solid" rating; today it received a firmware upgrade.

More Leopard screenshots surface, Apple and Google plan more partnerships (spelling trouble for Microsoft), Adobe CS3 delayed until spring, and more.

Apple Updates iTunes, QuickTime

QuickTime 7.1.5 fixes bugs and patches security holes, while iTunes 7.1 gets ready for Apple TV.

Microsoft considered killing Mac Office. Plus, Apple makes two more lists, developers get a new Leopard build, and more.