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A quick roundup of quotes about the iPhone, as well as other technonuggets from Mac Expo and CES.

The remarkable capabilities of Apple's new iPhone moved an overflow crowd at the morning's Macworld Expo keynote to give it a standing ovation.

If Apple Won't Build It, Someone Else Will

Steve Jobs and company may not be interested in releasing a tablet Mac, but that doesn't mean we won't have access to one - thanks to Axiotron and Other World Computing.

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Yunyu's a girl with a message and a Mac. Yunyu, a 27-year-old Singapore-born resident of Sydney, Australia, looks a lot like the Japanese anime characters she admires. Her long dark hair and big brown eyes give her a girlish but haunted air. You'd never guess that she used to work in IT.

Carbon Nanotubes: Our Tiny Friends

LCD Prices May Plunge Thanks to New Technology


A Basement Museum Dedicated to Everything Mac