Are the next MacBooks going to use LED-lit screens? Looks like it. Plus, everyone's getting ready for the iPhone, ten reasons to love/hate Apple, M.C. Hammer is coming to a Web browser near you, and more.

Something rotten in Denmark as iBook flaws uncovered, Steve Jobs's salary and why we won’t play paycheck poker with him, iPod remotes, and more.

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More developments in the stock-options situation, Greenpeace responds to Apple's plan for environmentally friendly operations, game news, and more.

Ask the Experts: Eight New Answers to Eight New Questions

Our experts weigh in on your questions about upgrading to the latest version of AirPort, Software Update, Parallels Desktop for Mac, iMovie and iDVD, and more.

Steve Jobs says that Apple's environmentally progressive - and getting more so. Plus, Digg regains its moral fibre, software updates abound, and more.

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Steve Ballmer goes on an anti-iPhone rampage - is anyone surprised? Apple's sued for patent infringement, Steve Jobs will keynote June's Worldwide Developers Conference, and more.

21 New Reviews!

The latest crop of Mac|Life reviews is now available here on Check out our experts' opinions on the Apple TV, Photoshop Lightroom 1.0, Canon's PowerShot G7, and more. A whole lot more...

Apple has released a battery-fixing update for MacBooks and MacBook Pros, the Mac market is growing, Apple TV is now available at Costco, a decapitated goat, and more.

Apple amps up search for DRM-free tunes while the iPhone appears poised to cruise in on schedule and kids are using iPods for that extra-special academic edge.

Apple announces its biggest Q2 ever, and the iPod's dominance continues. Plus, the MPAA's new stance on DVD movies, and Reebok's upcoming Voltron shoes.