New rumors suggest a wireless iPod for the Holidays. Also, the spin on Apple's Leopard delay continues, Apple plans announcements for its event at NAB this Sunday, and more.

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Apple has announced that Mac OS 10.5 Leopard - originally scheduled to ship in June - will not be released until this October because the iPhone is hogging "software engineering and QA resources."

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We're one step closer to being able to download the Beatles, the subscription model could be coming to iTunes, and Samsung announces an LED-backlit display.

MGM's movie catalog is added to the iTunes Store, more Windows-on-Mac developments, hard drives keep getting bigger, Windows-lovers get Mac fever, and a lot more.

iPod sales reach 100,000,000, and EMI's DRM-free music will be available through Microsoft. Plus, more thoughts on Apple TV, including a warning from Apple about hacks.

The chattering class claims an Apple/EU settlement is in the works, while an iPod virus lurks, a German company creates the iPhone screen, and more.

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Google loves armchair mapmakers, the AP poo-poos the Apple TV, effects of the EMI announcement, and more.

The 8-core Mac Pro we've all expected is now available, Greenpeace ranks Apple as least-green computer maker (again), Google Desktop for the Mac is now avaiable in beta form, WEP is insecure, Steve Jobs isn't, and more.