Intel's move to a 45-nanometer process was no secret, but the performance-enhancing way they're getting there is one of the most important microprocessor-technology developments in decades.

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Although Google beat Apple in worldwide brand recognition, Apple's still No. 1 in the U.S. and Canada. However, one analyst firm is estimating that Apple will pocket a smaller share of the iPhone's retail price. Plus, find out what iPod scammers are up to in Texas.

Olympus Introduces Fast Camera with 18X Optical Zoom

The new point-and-shoot SP-550 UZ from Olympus provides a broad range of focal lengths, zooming smoothly from macro to telephoto.

Samsung's New 1.8-Inch Drive: iPod Bound?

The hard drives in iPods have traditionally been supplied by Toshiba, but Samsung's new micro-drive may give that company some competition - with the winner being you.

You gotta love how European governements just hate DRM. Plus, Apple fixes a QuickTime hole, a new Apple patent, and other news stories.

Update: iPhone Innards Re-Revealed

It turns out that the processor running the iPhone is not an XScale, as we reported yesterday. Or so it seems...

New virtualization technologies may put pressure on Apple to allow PCs to run Mac OS X.

From dissaffected garage mechanic to savior of the entire planet, our here Tommy has a tough row to hoe. Aspyr has released a demo version of Prey, a first-person shooter based upon the story of Tommy, a going-nowhere Cherokee youth. His life's a dead end, he's abandoned his Native American heritage, and he's in an existential funk - basically, he's a nobody going nowhere. 

Before this morning's news, had you ever heard of a Silicon Valley company named Opti? Neither had we.

As the euphoria induced by the iPhone's cool factor wears off, some questions emerge.