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Until Apple starts cranking out iPhones in colors other than black and white, cases are the best way to add a splash of color, and low-cost cases like Cygnett's $19 Vector (which comes in purple or black) let you change up the color as often as you change your shoes.

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Protector Case for iPhone 5 Review

The Protector Case is not fancy -- it's just a silicon skin for your iPhone 5, kind of boxy, with less-than-elegant grippy patches that cover Jony Ive's gorgeous diamond-cut chamfer. But it wins points for its low price (just $14.99) and compatibility with the wide, flat Apple Lightning to 30 Pin Adapter.

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Superleggera Pro for iPhone 5 Review

Nobody tries to drop their iPhone, but the darn things are so easy to drop. So smooth, so thin, so constantly in our hands -- and occasionally on the ground. Today in the name of science I dropped my iPhone 5 on the carpet, on lineoleum, and even once I concrete. It didn't break. Some of that is luck -- any drop can break a phone if it lands juuust right -- but some credit also goes to the double-layer Superleggera Pro case.

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NuTouch Gloves Review

Touchscreen gloves in April? Tell it to our friends in the Midwest and Colorado right now. (And shoutout to anyone else who has snow and isn't too excited about it.) Newer Tech's NuTouch Gloves are the first step toward admitting that you're addicted to your iPhone since you can't even keep your hands off it when it's cold and gross outside and if you don't wear gloves your fingers will go numb.

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Trainer for iPhone 5 Review

Your iPhone, with its music, GPS, and myriad fitness apps, is a great workout partner, once you solve the problem of where to keep it while you're working up a sweat. Griffin's Trainer armband (also available for iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod classic) fits the bill for under $20.

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Colorama Folio for iPhone 5 Review

If slim and stylish is what you're looking for, Uniea's Colorama Folio fits like a glove. The soft, textured cover offers a fair amount of grip, and comes in five eye-popping colors.