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SanDisk SD Plus Memory Cards

 The PowerShot G9 comes with a 32MB SD card, which is enough memory for exactly one RAW picture, so you’re going to need more storage. Even if you’re not shooting RAW images, most cameras come with very little onboard memory and meager-at-best storage on an included card, so buying a beefier card for any camera is money well spent. 

Cintiq 20WSX

Take your photos and illustrations in hand with this gloriously large and responsive LCD tablet.  Digital Artists, Designers and photographers need a way to edit photos, draw onscreen, and edit their designs and images. Without a pen tablet, clicking and drawing with a standard mouse can feel cumbersome and imprecise. With Wacom’s gorgeous (and pricey) Cintiq 20WSX, you can banish your mouse and write, scribble, and sketch onscreen with a stylus instead. This 20.1-inch drawing tablet merges a bright LCD with a touch-sensitive surface, giving amazing control in the apps that graphics pros use most. The result feels nearly the same as actual pencils and brushes, but with all the benefits of a digital workspace, like undo, layers, and scripts.