The Omni Group Omnifocus 1.0.1

OmniFocus helps you figure out what to do next, when it’s due, and where to do it.  Mark Twain wrote, “The well-organized man can be comfortable anywhere, even in hell.” But getting your life in order is easier said than done, and dozens of systems promise salvation. OmniFocus, which implements techniques from David Allen’s popular book Getting Things Done, is the newest weapon in the Omni Group’s arsenal of organizational apps. OmniFocus, which utilizes the project manager OmniPlan and information repository OmniOutliner, builds on the Omni Group’s impressive understanding of how people work, making it a useful tool once you’ve figured out (and bought into) its underlying system.

PersonalBrain Pro

PersonalBrain helped us organize our thoughts, notes, and research while writing this very article.  Simultaneously a wonder of nature and source of constant frustration, the human brain can effortlessly choreograph the movements of a complex body yet fail to record the location of car keys. Imperfect, yes, but it’s all we’ve got. To help us exercise a little more control over our master, TheBrain Technologies offers PersonalBrain Pro. PersonalBrain Pro is a tool for collecting and organizing thoughts, files, and webpages into a coherent framework called a “brain.” Just as important as the thoughts themselves are the relationships between them, and unlike most other organization tools, PersonalBrain avoids imposing external rules or structure on your brain.

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 It's been a while since I had to concern myself with regularly scheduled invoicing. However, after recently restarting my writing career, I found myself in need of an application that would allow me to easily create and send invoices both electronically, and on paper, with little or no fuss. I wanted to do all of this on my Mac and I wanted to abandon the spreadsheet I was using in Microsoft Excel that I used for casual invoicing.

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Web Searching the Cover Flow Way

 A friend pointed me to a new web search engine today called Searchme, it offers a new way to visually search the web. Located at, it is currently in a closed beta. The site will display web search results as a visual snapshot of the site or sites in which it found what you are looking for. The results can be viewed in a Cover Flow fashion just like in Mac OS X Leopard. The results will also have active links that you click which then loads the website link you selected from the visual search results. This new idea for displaying search results has a number of amazing possibilities for displaying video, pictures, and really, any other sort of media. 

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Microsoft Excel 2008

Number cruncher has something for everyone.

Microsoft Office 2008

Does Office 2008 deliver the goods?

PowerPoint 2008

The new features in Microsoft’s presentation application actually make it fun to create engaging slides.

Microsoft Entourage 2008

Microsoft makes a strong case for Entourage.