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Web Searching the Cover Flow Way

 A friend pointed me to a new web search engine today called Searchme, it offers a new way to visually search the web. Located at, it is currently in a closed beta. The site will display web search results as a visual snapshot of the site or sites in which it found what you are looking for. The results can be viewed in a Cover Flow fashion just like in Mac OS X Leopard. The results will also have active links that you click which then loads the website link you selected from the visual search results. This new idea for displaying search results has a number of amazing possibilities for displaying video, pictures, and really, any other sort of media. 

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Microsoft Excel 2008

Number cruncher has something for everyone.

Microsoft Office 2008

Does Office 2008 deliver the goods?

PowerPoint 2008

The new features in Microsoft’s presentation application actually make it fun to create engaging slides.

Microsoft Entourage 2008

Microsoft makes a strong case for Entourage.

Microsoft Word 2008

Microsoft’s popular word processor follows the trend forged by Apple’s Pages.

MindMap 5 Professional

Graphical outlet for the voices in your head.

iPhone In Sync

Entourage’s preferences let you turn on Sync Services so that your Entourage data is always kept in sync with Address Book and iCal.

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Nisus Writer Pro

Worthy wordsmith

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Talk to the Mac.