The best database gets better.

MindJet MindManager 7

Escape the linear nature of note taking by creating mind maps and ask yourself, "Is this your brain on Mac?"

Circus Ponies Notebook 2.1

Organize your thoughts - digitally.

Marware Project X 1.1.1

In today's ultra-competitive market, businesses of every size need to become increasingly efficient in order to stay on top.

TypeIt4Me provides text-expansion options galore. I'm a writer, so I type an awful lot. Since everyone who is reading this post is using a computer in some way, and thus likely to be typing, I figure it would be nice of me to share some of my best typing tips. Let's start with this one...

Scrivener 1.01

This text editor plus project manager helps you just write already.


This screen-sharing app and service allows you to participate in a virtual meeting of the minds.

MultiLedger 7

This frustrating accounting app is in the red.

iListen 1.7

Stenography may be a dying art - but not on your Mac.

EazyDraw 2.1.3

Although this drawing tool is a pleasure to use, it's far from easy to learn.