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Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M

Make The Paperless Office A Reality

Microsoft Notebook Mouse for Mac

Microsoft's Minimum Effort

Koutech EEC320

Handyman Hard Drive


It's Not Just About the Megapixels

What's Up, Dock?

Filemaker Bento

iWork's Missing Piece

Apple 1.6GHz MacBook Air

Lightweight or Airhead? The world’s thinnest laptop is a little thin on “depth” and “features” too.

Portable 'Pod Performers

 When you’re on the road, and you’ve finally arrived at your hotel room, unpacked your things, and clicked on the TV to see what’s on, it finally hits you—that feeling that you’re someplace unfamiliar, someplace strange. The best way to cure that feeling of displacement? Music. Bust out your iPod and some portable speakers, and fill your room with audible comfort. We’ve found a pair of portable speaker sets that are both quite capable of being your best buddy during your travels.

Gotta-Have-It Graphic Utility

VMware Fusion

The World of Windows on Your Mac